Hey! I’m Lewis, a former professional cricketer, that overcame a rare physical condition to make it to the top of my sport, against the odds.

I grew up with people having been told by doctors I’d never play sport, it grew to others doubting my ability, I had setbacks, but I overcame. Through perseverance and drive I made it to my goal as a professional.

Now want to use my experiences and expertise to help athletes find their purpose and achieve their goals through drive, resilience and mindfulness.

become a good person first, great athlete second.


My story begins with an ending.

The end of my professional career as a cricketer, thanks to a lower back injury.

As I faced the prospect of recovery, with no idea what to do with the rest of my life, I was reminded of one simple fact – I was never supposed to have this career in the first place.

But to understand that, we need to travel further back in time. Because this story really starts at the very beginning.

I was born with a condition called Poland Syndrome.

In case you’ve not heard of it, that means I was born missing two ribs and pectoral muscles in the right side of my chest.

The doctors were quick to diagnose the condition, and speculate about what this would mean for the rest of my life.

They told my parents, in no uncertain terms, that I would never play cricket.

The risk was simply too great.

But my granddad, who was a lifelong cricket fan, had other ideas.

He encouraged me to play, and spent hours with me, helping me to practice my bowling.

He just refused to listen to the experts, because their judgement was based on their preconceptions, rather than the realities of my life.

In the Hatchett family, cricket was more important.

Those voices that told me ‘no,’ that said I’d never play, just spurred me on.

I’m not going to pretend it was easy. Life isn’t a Rocky training montage.

A lot of the time, it hurt like hell. I was ruined at the end of a day’s play.

But I worked my way through the ranks. And it was with no small amount of pride that I wore the Martlets on my chest, and represented my home county.

It was a testament to all the people who chose optimism and belief.

The people, like my parents and my brother, who spent time with me, helping me practice and get better.

Turns out, that was time well spent. Because it resulted in a six-year career playing for Sussex. Six years.

That’s much shorter than many pro’s enjoy, but as I continually remind myself, it’s also longer than many others get.

After all, how many people’s dreams of playing for their county never go any further than an unfulfilled ambition?

So there I was, facing an uncertain future, with no idea what would come next.

But I realised something – none of us know what’s coming next.

And given the fact that I’d already beaten the odds, what was to stop me doing that again? Those voices had told me it’d never happen. But through a combination of positivity, determination, and a phenomenal support system, I did it anyway.

And that’s when I knew what I needed to do.

There are thousands of sports people out there, from professional athletes to passionate young amateurs. They’re all fighting their own battles. With their mind as well as their body.

Maybe I could share my experiences, my perspective, and the coping mechanisms I’d developed from years of yoga training. Maybe then, I could help them work past those obstacles. Quieten those voices. And realise their dreams.

And that’s where the idea for Sport Yogi came from.

An app designed to facilitate mindfulness, and help people raise their game, no matter what sport they were into.

This isn’t about winning, it’s about overcoming.

Being the best version of yourself, in body and mind…

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