Build a stronger mindset through mindfulness

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Helping people become confident in who they are and unafraid to fall, because they have the skills to get back up.


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A mindset journal for athletes to build confidence, reframe negative thinking, focus on the human first, athlete second.

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Meet lewis


Learn more about Lewis, his story, the ups, the downs and beliefs behind his work.



Mindset Through Mindfulness

Build self-confidence

Perform under pressure

Embrace failure

Control your controllables

Harness stress

Accept your imperfections

Write your own unique story

Educational Athlete

 Corporate Athlete

Sports Athlete

Sports Athlete

No matter your goals and dreams, we can all be athletes. We regard an athlete as someone who is willing to go beyond the ordinary, strive for better or overcome obstacles.

Being a good athlete starts with having confidence in the person you are, embracing your unique story and your wellbeing, because being good, starts with feeling good. 

Learn how the MindStrong program can discover the person behind the performer, unlock your resilience, build confidence and gain perspective.



Lewis put on an incredibly engaging remote session for our colleagues. From his inspirational personal story to his top tips for maintaining health and wellness, the session certainly left our people motivated and with plenty to ponder. I would thoroughly recommend Lewis’ services to any company looking to enhance awareness regarding health and wellbeing in the workplace (and beyond).


Lewis provided both an inspiring and encouraging leadership presentation for Flinders University Students. His personal story and insights resonated strongly with students and he was generous with giving advice around building resilience, growing a positive and accountable team culture and leading by example.

Flinders University

Lewis has had a remarkable impact on me not only as an athlete but as a person. He applies his coaching in such a holistic, healthy approach that it's completely unique to him, and it provides the perfect environment for me as a young athlete to thrive in. He has helped me improve my sports skills, but in my opinion, most importantly, he pushed me to develop the leadership skills that will stick with me beyond sport. He's been an incredible mentor during pivotal moments of my sporting career, and he will always push me to become the best athlete and person I can be because he genuinely cares. The level of empathy Lewis coaches at is second to none, and it's for this reason that he's become such a key contributor to my recent sporting and life successes.

Jude Schirmer
South Australia Junior Rowing, Junior SANFL

Working with Lewis has been an amazing experience, his inputs have been most essential to my preparation for the Olympic qualification period. Any athlete would be super lucky to benefit from his knowledge in terms of sport & mindset, his personal experience, warm personality, holistic approach to sport and life in general plus his passion for what he does make sessions even more unique!

Sanjana Santosh
India Badminton

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Improve your physical and mental wellbeing and performance from stories, insights and ideas from some of the best in the world of sport. 

Yoga, Mindfulness and Meditation for Athletes.

Manage the stresses of sport, on and off the field. The physical, mental and emotional.