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    About me – Hey there 👋

     Hey! – I’m Lewis

    A Mindset Coach, Podcaster, Ex-Pro Cricketer, Founder of Sport Yogi and Performance Psychology Student.

    I spent most of my life working on developing a mindset that allowed me to over come obstacles and achieve my childhood dream. Then in 2016, I lost it that dream and had to ask myself one of the biggest questions of all – Who Am I?

    I’ve seen what it’s like on the field of high performance, what it takes an the costs. So my ambition is to help use my experience and expertise to help the human first, athlete second.

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    The podcast that take the provides the insight, wisdom and stories of good humans and great athletes.

    latest Episodes 👇

    #159 – Managing Anxiety for Performance

    #159 - Managing Anxiety for PerformanceIn today's episode, Lewis discusses managing anxiety in performance. Expect to hear why anxiety isn't necessarily a bad thing, the types of anxiety you can feel, the possible causes to your anxiety around performance, how you can...

    #158 – Tara Norris | Making the Right Move for You

    #158 - Tara Norris | Making the Right Move for YouTara Norris is an American cricketer who currently plays for Sussex, North West Thunder, Southern Brave and Delhi Capitals. She plays as a left-arm medium bowler and has previously played for Loughborough Lightning and...

    #157 – Dr. Scott Goldman | Defining your Confidence

    #157 - Dr. Scott Goldman | Defining your ConfidenceDr. Scott Goldman is a Consulting Performance Psychologist and the creator of the Athletic Intelligence Quotient (AIQ) - an intelligence test that assesses the innate cognitive abilities that are most utilized in...

    #156 – 6 Reasons You’re Low on Confidence

    #156 - 6 Reasons You're Low on ConfidenceWhen you're low on confidence, do you know why you feel that way? As an athlete, confidence can make or break your chances of success. You can have all the skills and talents in the world, but if you lack confidence, then it's...

    #155 – Gordon MacLelland | Working with Parents in Sport

    #155 - Gordon MacLelland | Working with Parents in SportGordon MacLelland is the CEO and founder of Working with Parents in Sport. They support organizations, parents and coaches to work together and provide children with the best sporting experiences. Drawing on over...

    #154 – Maggie Murphy | Turning your Anger into Passion

    #154 - Maggie Murphy | Turning your Anger into PassionMaggie Murphy is the CEO of pioneering football club Lewes FC, a 100% fan-owned football club and the world's first to distribute revenue equally between its male and female teams. Maggie was elected to the FA...

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