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Learn to understand your body and mind, harness stress, control pressure, gain perspective, manage expectations, write your own story, accept your quirks, stand out from the rest to leave you unafraid to fall, because you have the skills to get back up.

Unafraid to fall

Because you have the skills to get back up


Lewis is an athlete coach, mentor and podcast host that uses mindfulness, movement to help athletes become good people and great athletes.

“To have his condition,

and play professional sport

is phenomenal

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Sport, School or Corporate teams.

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Athlete Wellbeing & Mental Health

Confidence, Self-Acceptance and Self-Worth

Performance Mindfulness in Sport

Resilience & Overcoming Adversity

“Lewis provided both an inspiring and encouraging leadership presentation for Flinders University Students. His personal story and insights resonated strongly with students and he was generous with giving advice around building resilience, growing a positive and accountable team culture and leading by example.”

“Lewis put on an incredibly engaging remote session for our colleagues. From his inspirational personal story to his top tips for maintaining health and wellness, the session certainly left our people motivated and with plenty to ponder. I would thoroughly recommend Lewis’ services to any company looking to enhance awareness regarding health and wellbeing in the workplace (and beyond).”

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Improve your physical and mental wellbeing and performance from stories, insights and ideas from some of the best in the world of sport. 

Yoga, Mindfulness and Meditation for Athletes on the go.

For the ambitious sportperson that wants to be different from the rest.

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