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Athlete Journal

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A mindset journal for athletes to build confidence, reframe negative thinking, focus on the human first, athlete second.

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Become confident in who you are and feel unafraid to fall with skills to get back up.

Meet lewis

Athlete | Mindset Coach | Podcast Host | Yogi

Learn more about Lewis, his story, the ups, the downs and beliefs behind his work.



Mindset Through Mindfulness

Build self-confidence

Reframe your negative experiences

Create Mantras

Develop your positive self talk

Control your controllables

Manage expectations

Harness stress & perform under pressure

Embrace your imperfections & failure

Write your own unique journey

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Improve your physical and mental wellbeing and performance from stories, insights and ideas from some of the best in the world of sport. 

Yoga, Mindfulness and Meditation for Athletes.

Manage the stresses of sport, on and off the field. The physical, mental and emotional.