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    Β Hey! – I’m Lewis

    A Mindset Coach, Podcaster, Ex-Pro Cricketer, Founder of Sport Yogi and Performance Psychology Student.

    I spent most of my life working on developing a mindset that allowed me to over come obstacles and achieve my childhood dream. Then in 2016, I lost it that dream and had to ask myself one of the biggest questions of all – Who Am I?

    I’ve seen what it’s like on the field of high performance, what it takes an the costs. So my ambition is to help use my experience and expertise to help the human first, athlete second.

    (if you’re wanting to grow, you’re an athlete)

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    The podcast that take the provides the insight, wisdom and stories of good humans and great athletes.

    latest Episodes πŸ‘‡

    #144 – Best Birthday Gift

    E144 | the Best Birthday Gift  Lewis shares the best birthday gift he can receive for his birthday tomorrow and how you can do the same for yourself. Whether it's your birthday or not!  Listen on: Listen on: Listen on: Listen on: Sponsors Get your FREE 1...

    #143 – Ed Jackson | Post Traumatic Growth

    E143 | Ed Jackson | Post Traumatic GrowthEd Jackson is a former Professional Rugby player, who in 2017 suffered a life changing injury when diving into a swimming pool. Ed will talk about his injury, which led to him to follow a new and refined purpose in life as an...

    #142 – Kath Koschel | Giving Radical Kindness

    E142 | Kath Koschel | giving Radical KindnessKath Koschel is a former professional cricketer, yet after facing many adversities in her life started the huge non for profit, Kindness Factory. Kath talks about her journey through the world of cricket, having to quit due...

    #141 – 3 Ways to Stop Choking Under Pressure

    E141 | 3 Ways to Stop Choking Under PressureLewis dissects 3 ways for athletes to stop choking under pressure during a game. He will also identify three theories as to what causes athletes to lose their focus or stumble during a game.Β Listen on: Listen on: Listen on:...

    #140 – Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

    E140 | Overcoming Imposter Syndrome If you have ever been in a situation where you doubted your abilities, then you are probably one of the millions of people experiencing imposter syndrome. What’s more interesting is that imposter syndrome often occurs in highly...

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