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About meΒ  πŸ‘‹

Β Hey! – I’m Lewis

A Mindset Coach, Podcaster, Ex-Pro Cricketer, Founder of Sport Yogi and Performance Psychology Student.

I spent most of my life working on developing a mindset that allowed me to over come obstacles and achieve my childhood dream. Then in 2016, I lost it that dream and had to ask myself one of the biggest questions of all – Who Am I?

I’ve seen what it’s like on the field of high performance, what it takes an the costs. So my ambition is to help use my experience and expertise to help the human first, athlete second.




The podcast that take the provides the insight, wisdom and stories of good humans and great athletes.

latest Episodes πŸ‘‡

#176 – Mindfulness in Sport

What do Novak Djokovic, LeBron James, Erling Haaland, and the late Kobe Bryant have in common? They all practice mindfulness. In this episode, Lewis discusses mindfulness and how being present can greatly improve the mind-body connection, allowing you to tap into your...

#175 – James Bracey | Earning the Right

James Bracey is an English cricketer who plays for Gloucestershire County Cricket Club. He is a left-handed batsman and also plays as a wicket-keeper. James made his international debut for the England cricket team in June 2021.Listen on: Listen on: Listen on: Listen...

#174 – Clay Stephens | Letting Go of Perfection

Clay Stephens is a gymnast on the Australian olympic team. Having competed in the World Championships and Commonwealth games, he has done all this while overcoming the condition Poland Syndrome (the same as Lewis).Listen on: Listen on: Listen on: Listen on: THIS...


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