10 Habits of Successful Athletes

Being an excellent athlete is not something that just happens. There has to be something that goes into making someone exceptionally good at something. Yes, there’s some natural skill involved but being the best in anything takes lots of work and, most importantly, the right habits. Habits are key, and it’s even more interesting when you realize that the more successful athletes have a few key habits in common. 

Habits determine your game, your production, your relevance, and ultimately your success. In this episode, Lewis goes through the 10 habits of highly successful athletes and what you can do to embrace these habits become an absolute beast in all facets of your life.

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 [05:11] Introduction

[06:10] What’s Your Definition of Success?

[07:40] Being Prepared Well in Advance

[12:25] Self-awareness and Peak Performance

[13:51] Quality Versus Quantity of Practice

[16:31] Understanding Your Body and Your Mind

[17:50] Maintaining a Neutral Ego

[19:20] Good Nutrition and Hydration

[21:21] The Benefits of Looking After Yourself as an Athlete

[22:17] Having a Strong Understanding of Your Game 

[24:04] Succesful Athletes Take Instruction and Criticism Constructively

[25:36] Stop Worrying About What Others Think

[27:00] Taking Time Off From Sports

[27:25] Closing Notes



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