#160 – How to Mentally Deal with Injuries

As an athlete, you will get injured. There’s just no avoiding injuries. So how can you speed up your recovery, come back stronger, and even get the most out of your time on the side lines?

In today’s episode, Lewis discusses ways athletes can mentally deal with injuries. Expect to learn how you can do a better job of addressing mental as well as physical aspects of athletic injuries to stand a better chance of getting back to your physical peak faster.



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[00:00] Introduction

[02:18] The Emotional Impact of Injuries

[03:37] The First Step to Recovering from an Injury

[07:02] Injuries Are a Time of Reflection

[09:32] Use Recovery Time to Learn Something New

[12:09] Things to Do While Recovering from an Injury

[14:02] Using the Mind to Heal the Body

[17:41] The Difference Between Pain and Discomfort

[22:07] Parting Thoughts 


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