2 People You Should Make Proud

31st March 2023
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Imagine you’re looking back on your life and see two people standing before you:

Your 8-year-old and 80-year-old self.

Have you made both of those people proud?

In this edition, we’ll explore how to make both of these versions of you proud.

Why should we make them proud?

One of the go to questions I ask clients is whether they are making decisions that will make them proud when they look back on this moment.

The benefits of thinking like this help you:

  • Make clearer/stronger decisions
  • Keep strong relationships
  • Build self awareness
  • Overall wellbeing

When we’re young, life is full of possibility and wonder.

We also look up to people.

Whether it’s parents, friends, or role models

They help guide us. Teach us the rights and wrongs of life.

So with this idea, it is that we choose to act in a way that would make this younger version of us proud.

Be your own hero.

In Matthew McConaughey’s famous oscar winning speech, he speaks about having someone to look up to and someone to chase.

Be the person that your 8-year-old self would want to chase after and be like.

Next, your 80-year-old self.

When you look back on your life, with your family, friends, and work.

Is that person able to look back at you right now and be proud of the decisions you make.

The impact that you’ve had and the decisions you’ve made.

What would that person hope you do in certain situations?

This is not intended to make you feel bad about what you have or have not done so far. 

Perhaps you’re going through a tough time at the moment.

You face a challenge, a setback, an obstacle, or a success.

What would you need to do now to make those two people proud of the decisions or actions you’re about to take?

What this exercise or idea does is give you perspective.

From there, you’ll find that decisions become clearer and easier to make.

But more importantly, you can look at yourself and your life with a sense of pride.

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