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2nd September 2022

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Welcome to the first issue of this newsletter. I’m excited for what I’ve got planned.

One of the reasons behind this was that I always wished I could of had a coach that text/emailed me before each weekend of sport with something to work on, think about or action – so here we are.

The first thing I’m going to give you is how to create a bulletproof framework for those 1% gains.

I found myself stagnating and going through the motions at stage in my career and once I was able to implement this simple framework, things changed. As well as being left saying “How did I not do this before?”

You’ll be able to easily identify a simple areas to improve on, all while staying confident, not beating yourself up and creating instant actions to put in place.

The trouble is most people don’t put aside the time to do this simple process – but once you do it a few times, it’ll turn into your standard mindset.

So grab yourself a pen and paper or your favourite journal, and let’s go.

Step 1 – 👍 What am I doing well

Easy to ask but not necessarily the easiest thing to answer. We’re so hard on ourselves, and we’re hard-wired for negative bias towards ourselves.


Step 2 – 😒 What am I doing not so well

Easy now – here’s where it’s easy to make a common mistake – let all the negatviely go wild. You’ll likely go nuts over every flaw that happened during the day or performance.
So to counter that – create a list of no more than five things that you didnt do so well. Then cut it to your top 3. Finally, distil it to one that is most important or easiest to change. The aim is that we want to make a positive move early.


Step 3 – 🔧 What one action can I make to be better tomorrow

Here’s where it comes together. We want you to focus on the one area you’ve identified for growth and work actively toward it. It could be anything from physical practice, mental preparation to even recovery. Perhaps you need to talk to someone. Whatever it is, write down the step you would need to take. And take it.

This process isn’t about creating a long to do list. But rather the beginning of a process that will become unconscious.

This process isn’t about creating a long to do list. But rather the beginning of a process that will become unconscious.

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