#79 – 3 Breathing Exercises for Athletes

Breathing exercises help athletes prepare, perform and recover to their best. In this episode, Lewis explains and runs through 3 basic breathing exercises that you can follow along to and use in your training and routines.

Note: Make sure you not driving, operating machinery while performing these exercises.

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This episode at a glance

  • Preparations for the breathing exercises. [2:59]
  • Lewis teaches the first exercise, diaphragmatic breathing. [3:12]
  • The second type of breathing exercise, the Recovery Breath is perfect for recovery after exercise or a stressful day. [8:33]
  • The third exercise is called the Breath Hold, and it builds endurance by tolerating more carbon dioxide. [12:36]
  • Lewis talks a little about the Sport Yogi app where you can find more kinds of breathing exercises and workouts to supplement your professional training. [18:08]

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