7 Epic Failures from this Year

29th December 2023
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As this time of reflection and preparation for the new year is here, we find ourselves reviewing everything that has taken place and making plans.

I thought while I could talk about all that has gone well this year, I want to be honest and talk about everything that has gone badly this year, my failures.

The Fails

  1. Relationship
    At the start of the year I met someone, and under the most amazing circumstances too. She was great. An amazing person and we got on so well.
    However, I was not myself for a large portion of the relationship and I managed to get in my own way for most of our time together, which led to her feeling like it wasn’t right for her and she left.
  2. My Body
    Most days I functioned around a 7 out of 10 pain with my back. I thought it was something that I could overcome, but it wasn’t. It effected my mood, my sport, my work, and relationships. I didn’t do things for my body that I needed to do and I paid the price.
  3. My Sport Performance
    This year I think I performed the worst returns I’ve ever had in cricket. My running times were slower. I set myself a goal to run a sub 20min 5k, I did not.
  4. My Studies
    I had the opportunity to finish my masters degree in performance psychology this year. I didn’t, and I allowed it to get pushed back more and more, and now into 2024.
  5. My Mental Health
    The physical pain that I was having plus stress from work. Was becoming too much. I felt alone and isolated where I was living. While on the outside I was showing that I was ok. On the inside I was broken. I would jump off zoom calls or filming and just sit in a room not doing anything. I had no energy for small tasks. I wasn’t sleeping properly. My digestion was off. I eventually realised it was high-functioning depression that I was suffering with.
  6. Online Products
    The MindStrong App wasn’t where I wanted it to be. I neglected it throughout the year. It’s cost me money. Lack of growth and had been a stress that I didn’t need. I barely sold any places on my MindStrong academy. Sometimes no one would turn up to the online masterclasses.
  7. The Podcast
    The numbers on the show grew a little bit but not as much as I would have liked. The amount of effort put in didn’t equal people listening. I was getting stressed over the amount of episodes I was putting out. It is a huge time consumer and was causing anxiety in finding guests, editing episodes and posting up content to gather interest in the show.

While these failures are not all life-threatening, the feeling doesn’t change, that I feel the sense of failure…

Failure or Mistake?

While I feel a sense of failure, I’m reminded by the fact of what Amy Edmondson mentions in her book The Right Kind of Wrong, that there is a difference between failure and mistakes.

A mistake can be an error you make when you know what the right thing to do was.

A failure can be a error in trying to achieve when you didn’t know the right thing to do.

I can see that there were some mistakes this year, and I will not make those again, because I know what to do.

The failures, I am going to learn from and try something new.

I encourage you to look at the past year, and ask yourself, if you had failures or mistakes?

If it was it a mistake. What did you not do that you knew what to do. What would you do differently?

If it was it a failure. Did you know what to do? What have you learnt? What will you do differently moving forward?

Going into the new year I’m so excited about the changes that I’m now going to make and how 2024 will look.

And so for each of my ‘failures’ I know what to do moving forward, there’s been a lesson and action I can take:

  1. Relationship → Make sure I’m good first, to make them (and the relationship) great.
  2. My Body → Return back to a strength gym program.
  3. My Sport Performance → Train smarter.
  4. My Studies → Allocate time weekly towards research project.
  5. My Mental Health → I started therapy, give myself structure and time for myself, moved home/location.
  6. Online Products → Simplify the products (will announce soon).
  7. The Podcast → Release episodes less frequently for the moment, prioritise work first.

Will all of this work? I have no idea. That’s a part of the fun, we never know.

But I do know that if I look at where I am now, knowing what I know, planning what I am, was it really a failure?

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