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My story

What if your fears and dreams existed in the same place? Would you still go there? My dream was to become a professional athlete. More specifically, a professional cricketer.

Why? Because my parents were told, at my birth, I would never be able to play sports. I was diagnosed with a condition called Poland Syndrome, meaning I don’t have my right pectoral muscle (chest muscle) and 2 ribs behind it.

From the foot of the Sussex downs to the top of professional cricket

I grew up knowing I was different, but wasn’t willing to be treated differently. Playing sports with my brother and friends in the garden, park, school, as well as joining sports teams. Essentially, as everyone else around me!

Until my dream began to form…to play professional cricket. For my home county – Sussex. Through years and years of obstacles, setbacks, injuries, doubts and some success. I realised that dream in 2010 on signing my professional contract for Sussex County Cricket Club.

I now use my story, my learning and beliefs to show others that the seemingly impossible can be achievable.


Topics in which I cover are:

  • Self-awareness, Self-growth
  • To thrive against the perceived “talented” individuals
  • Jumping out of your comfort zone
  • Overcoming your insecurities