Lewis Hatchett

Mindset Coach. Mentor. Athlete. Yogi. Son. Brother. Student.

“Lewis Hatchett achieved one of the most gloriously defiant careers in the history of county cricket…” – ESPN Cricinfo

The day I was born I wouldn’t play any sports, because I was diagnosed with Poland Syndrome (PS).

In 2010, I achieved my childhood dream of becoming a professional cricketer.

However, that all changed pretty quickly.

After suffering a spine injury, I had to make the decision to retire in 2016 at 26 years old.

And I was left asking myself some pretty big questions such as:

Who am I? What do I want to do? What is it all for?

So over the next 5 years I went on an inward journey of reflection and curiosity.

Which lead me to coaching athletes, organisations and students.

And I realised. Everyone was struggling with similar issues. Lacking confidence, inner critics, perfectionism, self doubt and trying to find a balance of their achievement with fulfilment.

Many of us are trying to find a strength of mind but also the courage to be vulnerable.

And so on my journey I found that in order to let go of these restraints and learn to play the cards we’ve been dealt requires controlling what you can, a commitment to reframing the story you tell yourself and write a new positive affirmation based one. 

Drawing from both the professional athlete, and human experience to understand that to unlock the part of you you’ve always wanted requires a dedicated focus and effort.

That’s where I began to build the MindStrong Mindset that has three key chapters:

Confidence in who you are,

Resilience to be unafraid to fail,

Perspective to find your way.

Leading me to build the MindStrong Mindset Course and Community.

Mindstrong Athletes

Human First. Athlete Second.

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