Aim For a Goal That Shapes You

24th November 2023
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I was talking to an athlete the other day that is having a tough time.

They are unable to do the thing they love through injury.

And it hit me, as I’ve been in that position – far too many times.

While we were talking about her coming back, I asked, ‘What’s your goal?’

She’s giving herself one year to achieve her dream outcome.

But it was the next sentence that I was struck with.

“And if I don’t achieve it, I don’t know what state I’ll be in with myself”

But it was this quote that made me realise something.

You want to make sure you set a goal that, in the event you don’t achieve it, you are happy with the person that you have become in the process.

You want to know that it’s not the outcome that is the only thing that drives you, but the process of achieving that goal and what that says about your character or how it shapes it into something you’re proud of.

It made me reflect on my goal of becoming a professional cricketer.

What if I wouldn’t have achieved it? Yes, that would have sucked.

But would I be happy with the person I was by the end? Definitely.

In the process of going for it. The work I put in, the manner in which I did it, and the values and work ethic it instilled in me. I could have used that in anything else I wanted to achieve, and have forever.

My point being, when setting your goals, think about when you don’t achieve them. Can you still be happy?

Sahil Bloom just wrote about his ABC Goal System. Which I loved: that you have three decreasingly impressive goals, but all are achievable. If A doesn’t work, you have B, and if that doesn’t work, C is the simplest form of the goal.

This offers a short extension to that. While the goal is the outcome. Another goal you can always achieve is the person being crafted in the process. The values it instills or expresses in the shaping of the goals.

That way, even if you do not achieve your goal at all, you’ve still won. Because you’re left with the version of the person you were hoping for.

Ok you may not have a shiny medal around your neck, but you’ve got more than that.

So whatever your goal is, aim towards it, but make sure you’re happy with the person you’re becoming in the process.

Because that in itself is a goal worth achieving.

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