Dr. Alexander Latinjak is an Associate Professor at the University of Suffolk and a Visiting Professor at the University of Thessaly. He is also a psychological skill trainer, primarily focusing on self-talk, cognitive self-regulation in sports, and developing psychological programs for high-performance centres. 

We discuss the role of self-talk in an athlete’s success. Expect to learn how self-talk affects athlete performance, ways to practice positive self-talk, and the role of keyword interventions in combating self-defeating self-talk.  



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[00:00] Introduction

[03:34] What is Self-Talk?

[06:48] How the Environment Affects a Person’s Self-Talk

[10:48] Understanding Functional Self-Talk

[14:20] How to Become More Aware of Your Dysfunctional Self-Talk

[17:21] The Two Main Types of Self-Talk

[22:13] Self-Talk Interventions For Athletes

[26:46] Keywords for Self-Talk

[29:38] How to Get the Most Out of Keyword Interventions

[34:20] How Self-Talk Works Under Pressure 

[41:04] Making Sense of Directed Self-Talk

[46:40] The Relationship Between Emotions and Self-Talk

[51:07] How Self-Talk Affects an Athlete’s Performance 

[56:50] Secretes to Staying Calm Under Pressure

[01:01:39] Ways to Improve Your Self-Control

[01:07:10] Why We Act the Way We Do

[01:11:17] Ways to Gain Control Over Your Self-Deafeting Self-Talk 

[01:14:10] Parting Thoughts


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