164 – Dr. Andrew P. Hill | Perfectionism in Sport and Teams

Dr. Andrew P. Hill is a Sport and Exercise Psychology Professor at York St John University, UK. Andy’s research focuses on the motivational antecedents and consequences of participation in sports and physical activity. His main areas of interest are the consequences of perfectionism (an achievement-related personality trait) for athletes, exercisers, and youth sports participants.

In this episode, expect to learn some really thought-provoking stuff on perfectionism. Dr. Andy covers topics such as the rise of perfectionism and the death of imperfectionism, exactly what perfectionism is (and what it’s not), as well as some practical advice to perfectionistic parents and coaches.



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[00:00] Introduction

[01:20] Where Does Perfectionism Come From?

[04:08] High-Achieving Parents and Inherited Perfectionism

[05:51] Perfectionism and Self Esteem

[09:56] Losing Talented People to Perfectionism

[12:04] The Negative Consequences of Perfectionism 

[18:14] Studying Perfectionistic Climates

[20:35] Environmental Contributors of Perfectionism

[25:33] Understand that Failure is a Part of Growth

[28:17] Perfectionism and Burnout

[33:35] The Benefits of Embracing Imperfection

[36:40] The Pursuit of Self-Acceptance

[39:34] Falling Short of Your Goals 

[41:03] Advice to Perfectionistic Parents and Coaches

[44:03] Andy’s Go-To Resource Recommendations 

[45:35] Parting Thoughts 


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