#89 – Courage to Ask Questions

Lewis discusses the importance of asking questions both at a younger age and as we get older. How we slowly stop asking them in our life through protection but how it requires courage, bravery and vulnerability to put yourself out there and ask questions.

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This episode at a glance

  • We should ask more questions if we want to improve.  [3:13]
  • We view asking questions as a form of weakness. [5:05]
  • It takes courage and vulnerability to come up and ask someone a question. [5:45]
  • By asking questions, you show you are willing to be better. [7:28]
  • Asking questions, learning, and growing is a process. [9:05]
  • The best adult athletes are the ones who ask the most questions. [9:55]
  • The exercise of self-reflection is a key element to improvement. [10:20]

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