Athlete Breath-Control & Mindfulness

How you breathe is how you feel

The Athlete Breath-control & Mindfulness workshop introduces how athletes can manage and harness their stress, control emotions to enhance performance under pressure.

Part one

Performance breath-control

  • Strengthen breathing function
  • Increase lung capacity
  • Improve the efficiency of oxygen delivery
  • Delay onset of fatigue
  • Recover quicker
  • Control stress in the body
  • Sharper Focus
  • Strengthen core muscles
  • Stimulate relaxation
  • Boost energy levels and buffer lethargy
  • Improved sleep

be confident in your performance with the feeling you are in control.

Part two

Performance Mindfulness

  • Using Meditation as a tool to strengthen and train the mind
  • Regain your focus under fatigue and pressure
  • Accept and embrace the learning opportunity in mistakes
  • Overcome fear of failure
  • Identify and apply your strengths when it matters
  • Understand and overcome expectations
  • Stay focused on the process
  • Tackle distractions of outcomes
  • Manage the physical and emotional pain of injuries
  • Tackle stress-related setbacks head-on
  • Improve performance and skill execution
  • Enhance sleep
  • Harness emotions in big moments

Worked with


We understand everyone’s requirements, wants and budgets are different.

Options include:

Full 3-hour workshop

Spread the workshop over several weeks

Online training

1-hour keynote and intro 

Individual consultation

All options come with discount access to Sport Yogi App


Prices vary on requirements

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