Athlete Yoga

The Athlete Yoga workshop links how movement, recovery and preparation not only play a part in improving performance but maintaining an healthy body and mind.

Learn the practical application of when and how to use alongside your training

Develop an understanding of specific areas of focus for your individual sport

Build flexibility and range that enables reduced restriction in movement, improved performance and injury reduced risk.

Find strength & power from a new range of motion

Recovery practices that help sooth the body and mind by switching into a less stressed body.

More consistent readiness for training and performances 

Improved physical resilience to stresses and impact, reducing injury threatening niggles

A better understand of the body, how it moves, feels and responds to training and competition

Improved balance and proprioception that enhances mental balance through focus, calm and relaxation.

Connecting the body and mind to build further overall wellbeing and understanding of yourself inside and out


We understand everyone’s requirements, wants and budgets are different.

Options include:

Full 3-hour workshop

Spread the workshop over several weeks

Online training

1-hour keynote and intro 

Individual consultation

All options come with discount access to Sport Yogi App


Prices vary on requirements

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