12 Ways to Become Unrecognisable in 2023

11th November 2022


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Here’s a scenario that may sound familiar:

With the new year approaching. You start to tell yourself, and those around you all of the things that you’re going to do in 2023. “It’s going to be my year.” The new mindset, new habits, and all the changes that will occur once January 1 rolls around on the calendar.

Yet, I’ve got a new take on it.

Why wait, and get going now. Make those changes. Create a competitive advantage from yourself by starting the new year a new person.

Go into 2023 having MADE the changes.

So, with 51 days left, here’s 12 ways you can become unrecognisable in 2023.


✨ Find a Purpose

Get to understand why you do what you do.

You’ll become clearer on your decisions and goals that you set.

Finding your purpose doesn’t mean you have to have everything figured out in WHAT you’re going to do.

It means finding WHY you do what you do.

The impact you want to have as a person.


🛑 Stop focusing on outcome

By focusing on the outcome, it creates procrastination of doing what is needed to be done. Focus on doing the next one thing, well (enough)

Go into 2023 with the understanding of your extrinsic and intrinsic motivations.

Look for more intrinsic motivations, because when outcomes aren’t there yet. You’ll have something to keep you going.


💭 Dream Big, Work Small.

Have big dreams, shoot for the stars. But work in small increments (and enjoy it)

If you achieved your big goals and dreams tomorrow.

Then what? You’d end up setting more. Enjoy the process of setting incremental goals and achieving them.

Break up what you want to achieve into smaller goals and work on one at a time.

Which leads into the next idea…


⚙️ Create a system

Your goals aren’t overwhelming, you’re unorganised (believe me on this one, I know)

Something that has completely changed my working schedule this end of the year. For example, my content creation schedule was all over the place, thanks to people such as Justin Welsh. That has not only birthed this weekly email but a system that I’m much more comfortable, and effective, with.

Your goals will come from your habits, which come from actions – James Clear Atomic Habits talks abouts this brilliantly.


🔁 Reframe a negative experience

Take something that happened to you this year that was challenging.

Learn to reframe that experience by asking what it taught you, what did you learn from it, what positive change can come from it.

Enter 2023 armed with the ability to see optimism in our darkest times.


❌ Remove (at least) 2 unhealthy habits

New Years focus on creating new habits.

But first, identify what unhealthy habit you most want to remove from your life.


🌱 Identify one healthy habit, first

Rather than trying to completely change everything from the 1st Jan.

Pick one habit you want to start. And commit through the next 50 days to make it a reality.

That motivation shift once your achieve it will help start a snowball effect.

Examples: A morning routine, healthy diet, exercise regularly, sleep 7+ hours.

😱 Do something that scares you

As the line goes in We Bought a Zoo, “All it takes is 20 seconds of insane courage”.

It could be asking ‘that person’ out on a date, posting a video on social media, booking that sky dive, asking your coach something. Whatever it is, do something that scares you.

What does this do?

It shocks you into becoming someone you had hoped to be. As well as priming you for possible rejection. But the dopamine and oxytocin hit is awesome.

💙 Find your tribe

Who you surround yourself with matters. If it’s a type of energy you want to be around, go find them.

Sometimes it means reducing your time with people you ‘should’ be spending time with.

Seek out groups, individuals, mentors, guides that you can learn off or support get where you want.

🗯️ Create a mantra

I like to have two mantras, a performance and mindful mantra.

One that moves you into actions or focus in a performance.

And another that creates grounding and awareness.

Make it personal and meaningful to you.

⏱️ Block time for your biggest goal

If something is important to you, block your day off for that thing.

If it’s workouts, block it out. Stretching? Block it out. Deep work? Block it out.

🧘🏻‍♂️ Practice Mindfulness

Meditation, Yoga, Deep breathing. Whatever one you go for. Learning to become more mindful in your life only improves your response to stress, anxiety, pressure, fatigue.

As well as become a much nicer person!

That’s it for this week. Hope it helped!

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