#77 – Benefits of Yoga for Athletes

Lewis speaks about the benefits of yoga as an athlete. How it can improve your flexibility, strength, recovery, mental performance as well as how to get started.

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This episode at a glance

  • Lewis’ personal story and yoga background. [2:07]
  • Benefit 1: Flexibility. [7:41]
  • The different styles of yoga. [9:05]
  • Types of yoga Lewis practices. [9:28]
  • Benefit 2 : Recovery. [11:42]
  • Benefit 3 : Strength. [13:20]
  • Benefit 4: Body Awareness. [15:55]
  • Yoga helped Lewis shorten his recovery times. [18:40]
  • Benefit 5 : Mental Awareness. [19:02]
  • Advice on how to gets started with yoga. [20:28]

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