Chelsea Tuach | Trusting in your decisions

Chelsea Tuach is a  professional Surfer from Barbados, recently winning the Barbados Surf Pro as well as being  one of the highest ranked surfers from Barbados. She shares her love for surfing and the surfing community, how she prepares for competitions, and how she trusts no one but herself and Mother Nature.

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[03:52] Feeling the Expectations and Riding a Good Wave

[08:59] Chelsea’s Love of Surfing

[12:05] Chelsea’s Roles Models and the Surfing Community

[17:57] Escaping the Sport and the Pandemic Effect

[24:20] Where the Mind Goes When Riding the Waves

[28:14] How Chelsea Prepares Her Mindset for Competitions

[32:07] Chelsea’s Mantra

[35:40] Adapting and Trusting Yourself and Mother Nature

[41:34] What Chelsea Wants to be Known As

[44:31] Chelsea’s Plans and Ambitions

[46:09] Chelsea’s Book Recommendations

[47:35] Where to Find Chelsea


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