All pioneers have to break a few rules.

Go beyond the ordinary.



47% of high-performing employees left their company last year*

56% of Gen Z say they expect to stay with their current employer for less than two years**

15% of job seekers declined a job offer due to the company’s culture***

“It is becoming increasingly difficult to retain key talent and recruit new talent.”

Let Your team create the culture

A successful business is dependent on attracting and retaining the right people and talent.

To do that, a strong culture of togetherness, connection and shared beliefs is crucial.

But how do you get there?

TeamStrong is a workshop that builds, strengthens and supports your company culture by giving you the structure to develop team cultures and values from within.

Through insight into what works and what doesn’t in high-performance environments, combined with mindfulness and mindset coaching expertise.

“The culture is the glue that holds us together and gives us confidence”

Adam Freeman – Mediavision, Managing Director

TeamStrong can unlock a team’s ability to perform above expectations.

In a day-long workshop, we will:

  • Bring the team together
  • Inspire them to articulate their shared values
  • Defining what they do & why they do it
  • Discover rituals, habits & actions that impact day-to-day life.

The result is a clear roadmap of collective values created by the team, for the team, with regular check-ins and guidance as the culture evolves and strengthens.

balance team direction and success with happiness and fulfilment,

building a culture that naturally attracts and nurtures talent.


Mindset course

As humans, we’re really good at saying what we aren’t, and really bad at saying what we are.

For example, we’re seven times more likely to talk negatively about ourselves than positively. These toxic inner-monologues hold us back from joy, confidence and being our authentic selves.

Too many of us link our self-worth and self-confidence to what we do and forget to focus on the human being. If this resonates, the good news is you can break the pattern.

You are more than capable of challenging the stories you tell yourself.

It is entirely possible to reframe them and create a new perspective with tools and guidance.

The first step is to become aware of what’s holding you back and define it. Then to actively decide to view the world differently.

Mindstrong is a mindset course to help you achieve this.

Whether you’re looking to lead others or improve your own life, learning to lead yourself first is a priority. Our goal is to help you find confidence with perspective and happiness with fulfilment.

We do this through experience in high-performance sporting environments with athletes and performers, combined with mindfulness and mindset coaching expertise.

We’re all an athlete in some way. We define anyone willing to grow, learn, or compete as an athlete. From the boardroom to fun runner, student to the musician, if you’re striving for better, you’re an athlete.

If you’re ready to leave behind feelings of judgement, anxiety and fear, get in touch with me to discuss this transformative course. Designed to suit your lifestyle, we offer it via full-day workshop, online, or journal.

prefer a keynote?

Book Lewis to talk about finding confidence, viewing yourself as a ‘corporate athlete’, harnessing your stress to be your most authentic version.

“Lewis provided both an inspiring and encouraging leadership presentation for Flinders University Students. His personal story and insights resonated strongly with students and he was generous with giving advice around building resilience, growing a positive and accountable team culture and leading by example.”

“Lewis put on an incredibly engaging remote session for our colleagues. From his inspirational personal story to his top tips for maintaining health and wellness, the session certainly left our people motivated and with plenty to ponder. I would thoroughly recommend Lewis’ services to any company looking to enhance awareness regarding health and wellbeing in the workplace (and beyond).”