#91 – Dale Steyn | The Person & The Persona

Dale Steyn is a South African Cricketer. Known as one of the greatest bowlers of all time, Lewis and Dale talk about his early days in the sport, getting into his cricket, his heroes, starting in men’s cricket as a young player. his breaking into the South African side. They discuss some of the self-doubts, how he was able to separate the person and persona, how he managed pressure situations, being a part of a superstar lineup, the passion of South Africa cricket capturing a nation and where he got confidence from, even faking feeling good to make opposition doubt themselves, skills that he’s transferred from other disciplines.

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This episode at a glance

  • What Dale has been up to recently. [4:50]
  • Dale discusses the activities he does while in his hometown and the sports he played before cricket. [6:23]
  • How Dale started with cricket and when he discovered that he had real talent for it. [8:55]
  • How Dale stayed grounded when he discovered that cricket was a sport he could dominate. [13:21]
  • Dale recalls his unusual debut to professional cricket to being dropped by the first team he had a contract with. [16:13]
  • Dale describes his feelings when he was dropped by the South Africa Cricket team. [19:33]
  • After being let go, Dale describes what he did differently to be recontracted by the South Africa Cricket team. [21:43]
  • Dale describes how he felt being in the same unit as other high performing bowlers. [24:13]
  • How he managed expectations imposed on him as the longest standing world’s #1 cricket bowler. [26:31]
  • The roles of his teammates on his confidence. [29:33]
  • Dale describes matches where he struggled with his confidence. [32:00]
  • The separation of the person off the field and the athlete on the field. [34:38]
  • What Dale focuses on when he needs to perform under pressure. [38:10]
  • Dale’s advice to manage pressure. [41:52]
  • The people Dale looked up to when he was younger. [45:08]
  • The importance of failing or falling down. [47:26]
  • Dale’s proudest moments of his career. [51:31]
  • The feeling of playing for a nation with a very successful team. [53:26]
  • What brings a very successful team together. [57:37]
  • The skills and attributes the best players possess. [59:57]
  • Advice Dale would give to his younger self. [1:02:56]
  • Core values Dale holds important. [1:04:56]
  • What the pandemic is trying to teach us. [1:06:30]
  • Where Dale draws inspiration that had an impact in his life. [1:08:44]

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