163 – Dr. Gordon Flett | Being an Adaptable Perfectionistic

Gordon L. Flett, Ph.D., is a Professor in the Department of Psychology at York University in Toronto, Canada. Dr. Flett is a Fellow of the Association for Psychological Science, which has cited him as one of the top 25 most productive authors in psychology. He is best known for his research on personality and depression, as well as groundbreaking work on perfectionism.

Learn ways athletes can become adaptable perfectionists. Lewis and Gordon focus on perfectionism among athletes and explore questions such as: How is perfectionism assessed and conceptualized? How does perfectionism develop? What is the role of mindfulness in overcoming perfectionism? Why do the best athletes focus on adaptability and not perfection? 



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[00:00] Introduction

[03:49] Perfectionism Versus Striving For Excellence

[07:42] Self-Care Is a Necessity, Not a Luxury

[10:58] How Does One Become a Perfectionist?

[15:16] The Internal Dialogue of a Perfectionist

[17:28] Perfectionism From a Motivational Perspective

[20:23] Self-Awareness and Mindfulness

[24:20] What is Perfectionistic Reactivity?

[27:26] Perfectionism in Adolescents 

[33:10] Understanding Rigid Perfectionism

[36:12] Adaptability and Perfectionism

[42:55] The Best Athletes are Adaptable

[49:57] Adaptability Versus Perfectionism 

[52:42] The Best Way to Build Resilience as an Athlete

[56:40] How to Overcome Perfectionism 

[01:00:42] Perfectionism Among Young People

[01:02:52] How to Achieve Excellence Without Being Perfect

[01:08:16] Where to Find Gordon

[01:10:20] Gordon’s Go-To Resource Recommendations 



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