#157 – Dr. Scott Goldman | Defining your Confidence

Dr. Scott Goldman is a Consulting Performance Psychologist and the creator of the Athletic Intelligence Quotient (AIQ) – an intelligence test that assesses the innate cognitive abilities that are most utilized in attaining, developing, and applying athletic skills, strategies, and tactics. The test is being used by Olympic, NFL, NBA, NHL, MLS, and MLB teams, as well as multiple Power 5 Universities and E-Sport teams.

Lewis and Dr. Goldman discuss the role of intelligence in athletics success, how to become more confident in your own process, and why top athletes embrace their inner weirdo. 


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[00:00] Scott’s Athletic Journey

[04:53] Why You Need to Ask More Meaningful Questions

[07:13] Performance, Clinical, and System Design

[11:52] How to Become Confident in Your Own Process

[13:21] What’s Your Definition of Confidence?

[18:37] The Link Between Competence and Confidence

[22:06] Mowrer Two Factor Learning Theory

[25:02] Reduce Anxiety to Increase Confidence

[27:56] What is an Incompatible Response to Anxiety 

[33:55] How to Become Confident Enough to Stand Out

[40:58] Scott’s Experience Working with High-Level Teams

[43:39] Common Traits Among Top Athletes

[48:30] Why Top Athletes Embrace Their Inner Weirdo

[53:20] Athletes Who Have No Love For Their Sport

[58:15] Intelligence and Athletic Success

[01:03:25] How to Become More Intelligent

[01:06:40] You Can’t Escape the Playing Field

[01:09:02] Parting Thoughts


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