E143 | Ed Jackson | Post Traumatic Growth

Ed Jackson is a former Professional Rugby player, who in 2017 suffered a life changing injury when diving into a swimming pool. Ed will talk about his injury, which led to him to follow a new and refined purpose in life as an athlete. He aims to help listeners and viewers who have gone through traumatic injuries cope and understand the stages of recovering from sporting accidents.

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[02:52] Introduction of Ed Jackson

[04:18] About Ed 

[07:53] Journey as a Pro

[09:27] Recovering from Injury

[12:40] Being Heard 

[13:52] Ed’s Player Personality 

[15:40] Improving Your Weakness 

[19:32] The 2017 Incident

[22:20] Processing the Trauma 

[29:54] Absence of Victim Mentality 

[34:05] Routine Habits

[36:19] Ed’s Life Purpose and Charity 

[39:29] Addition of Purpose to Being a Player

[43:21] Setting Goals Through Adversity 

[45:26] What’s Next for Ed

[47:39] Ed’s Take on Recent Rugby Events


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