#102 – Ed Latimore | Not Caring What Other People Think

Ed Latimore is a former professional heavyweight boxer. Outside of the ring, he is an army veteran, best-selling author, speaker, competitive chess player, and holds a bachelor of arts degree in Physics.

Lewis and Ed discuss Ed’s journey into boxing that helped him develop a mastery mindset, his relationship with alcoholism and how he got sober, and his book Not Caring What People Think Is A Superpower.

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This episode at a glance

  • How Ed entered the world of boxing [03:53]
  • The struggles of an amateur boxer [06:38]
  • Was being an underdog a motivating factor? [10:26]
  • How Ed changed his fixed mindset into a growth mindset [12:09]
  • Reframe negative experiences with responsibility [14:43]
  • Beating a tough opponent [16:17]
  • What Ed’s loves most about fighting [20:05]
  • The current boxing scene [23:05]
  • Imposter syndrome has no place in boxing [30:36]
  • Bouncing back from failure [35:10]
  • Alcoholism and the road to sobriety [38:08]
  • Overcoming social pressure to drink [42:08]
  • Ed’s advice to his younger self [46:16]
  • Not Caring What Other People Think Is A Superpower [47:47]
  • “I cared what people thought so I became an alcoholic” [50:32]
  • How to look inward and unearth trauma [53:33]
  • The difference between like and respect [56:43]
  • What’s next for Ed? [01:00:35]


Ed on:

Instagram: @edlatimore
Facebook: /EdLatimoreBoxer
Twitter: @EdLatimore
Website: edlatimore.com