Four Words for Perspective

10th March 2023
Read time: 2 minutes

Chances are, you’ve experienced something similar to what I’m about to describe.

I was catching a train home from London.

And at rush hour, the train was not only delayed, but the train had been reduced to fewer carriages.

Everyone was crammed in like sardines.

The tension was palpable.

I was fortunate to be seated, and as I usually find myself doing, I spent time writing.

The man next to me was becoming obviously frustrated.

And as every minute passed, the tension rose.

This was when I began to look around at the situation.

I too felt this need within me to join in the frustration.

But then I realised “What can I do about it?

No amount of getting flustered.

No amount of huffing and puffing.

No amount of complaining to staff.

No amount of telling people around me how infuriating it is.

Would change this situation.

Instead, I felt this wash of ease come over me, and I realised what it was.


I accepted that I could not do anything to change the situation.

The more I hoped to try change the situation and ultimately couldn’t, the more I would become angry, emotional, and stressed.

This wave of acceptance was then followed by another wave of four simple words.

It could be worse.

There could be somewhere worse to be right now.

This simple but easily forgotten phrase can help us gain instant perspective.

That sense of perspective brings levity to the situation.

And it’s something I’ve taken with me for a while now.

When I find myself getting frustrated by my condition, a lack of results, or simply having a bad day.

I remind myself: It could be worse.

So take this with you this week.

When you find yourself getting worked up over a situation, no matter how big or small.


It could be worse.

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