#94 – Gemma Burton (Née Gibbons) | Try Your Best

Gemma Burton (formerly Gibbons) is an Olympic Silver Judoka, now Teacher.

Gemma won a silver medal in the London 2012 Olympics as well as capturing hearts with her famous moment of the games of a tribute to her mum after winning her semi-final to take her to the gold medal fight.

Gemma and Lewis talk about the negative experiences she was able to turn on their head, obstacles she overcame, the skills of judo that it teaches you, how a judo chop isn’t a real thing, but also how she balances the internal and external motivations. Also now as a teacher, what she believes is most important for young people and the importance of physical education and what it teaches more than physical health.

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This episode at a glance

  • What Gemma is up to lately [4:04]
  • Gemma’s childhood and when she started showing an interest in sports. [6:25]
  • How Gemma’s mother introduced her to the sport, Judo. [7:16]
  • Gemma shares a quick overview of Judo. [8:04]
  • The moment when Gemma knew she wanted to compete as a professional judo athlete. [9:44]
  • Attributes you need to have to be a good judoka. [12:01]
  • Mental skills to have to succeed in Judo. [14:04]
  • Gemma recalls the emotions she felt when she would lose in a competition. [15:29]
  • How Gemma calms her nerves before a match. [17:22]
  • Lessons from Gemma’s sports psychologist. [19:23]
  • Gemma’s experience in the London 2012 Olympics. [21:52]
  • Gemma describes story behind the memorable moment caught on camera when she says “I love you, Mum” [25:55]
  • Values that Gemma lives by growing up as an athlete. [28:31]
  • In Gemma’s experience, how long did she train before she considered herself successful? [29:20]
  • The activities Gemma did outside of and alongside Judo that helped her became a better judoka. [31:54]
  • Gemma’s proudest moments during her career. [33:24]
  • Gemma’s advice to her younger self. [35:40]

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