#155 – Gordon MacLelland | Working with Parents in Sport

Gordon MacLelland is the CEO and founder of Working with Parents in Sport. They support organizations, parents and coaches to work together and provide children with the best sporting experiences. Drawing on over 20 years of experience as a teacher, coach, director of sports and currently as a sporting parent, Gordon is able to gain a unique insight into the different stakeholders involved in the sporting experiences of young people.

Lewis and Gordon discuss ways parents can support their athletic children, mistakes to avoid, and the impact video games have on a child’s development. They also cover why parents should see sport and physical activity as lifetime investments for their children, not short-term gain.


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[00:00] Introduction

[04:46] Supporting Athletic Kids

[05:55] Working with Parents in Sports

[08:06] The Type of Kids Gordon Works with

[09:29] Difference Between Expectations and Entitlement

[17:23] Remember That Everything is in Your Control

[19:11] Benefits of Having a Good Parent in Sports

[21:19] How Devices Impact Your Child’s Development 

[27:47] High-Level Athletes Playing Video Games

[30:46] Practical Guidelines Around Your Child’s Video Game Use 

[32:10] Mistakes Parents Make Raising Athletic Kids

[35:27] Toxic Positivity and Over-Confident Kids

[39:02] How to Develop Your Child’s Excellence

[41:16] Perfectionism in Children

[47:42] Are You Helping or Hindering Your Child’s Development?

[51:35] Challenging Parents to Do Better

[54:02] You Need to Have More Open Conversations with Your Kids

[57:04] Parting Thoughts 


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