Good Humans,

Great Athletes.

Discover who you are, the athlete you want to be and write your story.

Built on the belief that we can all be athletes. Whether it’s in sport, corporate, entrepreneurial, musical, art or life.

In order to be good, it starts with feeling good.

Feeling good about the person you are, the athlete you are and the journey you want to go on.

Lewis has helped athletes, musicians, businesses, teams find their purpose, accept your imperfections, write your story and live out your goals.

Wellbeing is bigger than

the sports we play.

“As a musician, working with Lewis was eye-opening. His wholesome approach to coaching is something that not only applies to athletes and aspiring athletes but any high-achiever in any field in need of guidance. No matter what your profession, the main battle is within your own mind. Lewis’ unique life experiences are reflected in the knowledge, wisdom, understanding, passion, and dedication which he brings into his sessions. He strikes the perfect balance between emphasizing positivity while maintaining accountability so that you can learn to become the strongest, best version of yourself.”

– Karen, Violinist

“Lewis put on an incredibly engaging remote session for our colleagues. From his inspirational personal story to his top tips for maintaining health and wellness, the session certainly left our people motivated and with plenty to ponder. I would thoroughly recommend Lewis’ services to any company looking to enhance awareness regarding health and wellbeing in the workplace (and beyond).”

Lewis’ work focuses on 3 factors:

Human First.

Everything that you do is underpinned by who you want to be.

The fundamental foundation to knowing what you what and how you’re going to get there is through knowing who you are.

Lewis helps you discover your authentic self that will allow you to manage your expectations, create a greater sense of self-worth and move away from comparison to others. Helping you live in the present and controlling what you can control.

Athlete Second.

Once you know who you want to be, you can decide what you are going to do.

Lewis’ approach allows you to understand what it is that you want, how it would look and sign post along the way, the obstacles, the setbacks, the successes.

Helping you gain a true perspective of what it is going to take to leave you feeling fulfilled, driven and more resilient towards your goals and dreams. 

YOUR story.

You have the ability to write your own unique story.

Understanding the habits, behaviours and will get you to where you want to be while staying confident in your authentic self. So that you can enjoy the journey, no matter what you’re faced with.



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Entrepreneurs, Teams

Create team culture around values that links the employee’s wellbeing, positivity and performance.



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