How to Build UNBEATABLE Discipline

12th January 2024
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The navy seals have a saying, “Everyone wants to go to heaven but no one wants to die.”

99% of people aren’t willing to do the work that it required to get what they want.

I think this gives us a huge opportunity.

If others aren’t willing to be disciplined, in order for us to get what we want, all we have to do is build this part of ourselves.

And so while motivation gets us started, it gives us a reason as to why we are doing what we’re doing.

Discipline helps us consistently show up.

Discipline is a characteristic, maybe a personality trait, a reputation, and one that we I believe we can build.

Discipline is not only the mechanism to our full potential, it’s the entry fee.

It’s what helps us say yes to what we promised ourselves, rather than yes to the dopamine-filled distractions, and a life of discontent from who we currently are or what we currently are not.

So today I’m going to share a few ways you can build this valuable mental skill.

Create the persona

The goal isn’t to gain discipline, but rather to be disciplined and see yourself as someone who is disciplined.

This requires a fundamental mindset shift away from how you perceive yourself right now, to how you will perceive yourself moving forward.

You can’t unlock discipline without this.

If you hold onto a version of yourself that you are trying to move away from, you’ll constant return to it.

You have to make a change.

You have to say to yourself; “I’m no longer the person that finds reason not to” and “I am a disciplined person”.

Create your disciplined persona.

Have non-negotiables

For me this is my physical training every day.

Sometimes this is my downfall and I’m terrible at scheduling my time (new goal unlocked)

But I make my workouts a none negotiable.

I know that if I’m not in a good physical and mental place, all my other work is irrelevant.

A healthy person wants a thousand things, a sick person wants one thing.

I have my workouts in my day, and it’s a non-negotiable.

The top performers will have certain parts of their day, or habits, that are non-negotiable.

If someone wants to make plans with you, this task does not get compromised on.

Cement it into your day, protect it, and you can build everything else around it.

Own your excuses

Recognise you’re going to have days where you want to make excuses and veer from the path.

Own the fact that you will come up with excuses.

Recognise what they are likely going to be. Write them down.

“It’s raining outside”, “I don’t feel like it”, “You’ve earned a day off”, “I’ll do it tomorrow”.

Recognise how easy it is to make those excuses creep in again and again.

Face your excuse and create and action to meet them with.

When I say I don’t want to go to the gym, I put my shoes on.

I have never been disappointed when I chose the disciplined option. Never.

Make sure it’s what you want.

Steven Bartlett came up with an interesting equation for discipline:

Discipline = Subjective importance of goal (why the it matters to you, how much it matters) + Psychological enjoyment (that you get in the pursuit of the goal) — Psychological cost (how much pain, effort, friction do you experience).

I think that the part that jumps at me the most here is the enjoyment component.

Make sure that you are doing something that you enjoy.

Don’t be disciplined if you don’t want to.

Do it because it matters to you and you enjoy the pursuit or achievement of it, otherwise the undoubtable pain and friction you will feel will be overwhelmingly strong.

At the end of it, discipline is the greatest form of self love.

It’s keeping the promise you made to yourself yesterday.

Ignoring something you want right now for something you want in the future.

Discipline is being able to look at yourself in the future and be happy with what you’re doing.

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