Do you have a process? How do you guarantee similar results in consecutive training sessions, games, or seasons? In this episode, I talk about building processes from an athlete’s perspective. Expect to learn the definition of a process, the benefits of having one, and how to build trust around your process, even when things aren’t going your way. 



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[00:00] Introduction 

[02:09] What is a Process?

[04:55] Steps to Building an Efficient Process

[07:25] How Having a Process Can Increase Your Motivation

[09:32] How to Build Your Process From Scratch

[13:43] The Most Important Part of Creating a Solid Process

[15:42] Be Open to Trying New Things

[18:06] The Best Athletes Continuously Refine Their Process

[21:03] Ways to Build Trust Around Your Process

[23:30] How to Identify the Inefficent Parts of Your Process 

[25:07] Understand That Your Process will Evolve Over Time

[26:14] Parting Thoughts 


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