How do you deal with poor performance as an athlete? Is there a way to bounce back stronger after a bad game? In this episode, I talk about the most effective ways of dealing with poor performance. Expect to learn the dangers of not moving on from a bad performance, how to improve for the next competition, and how to develop the right mindset to bounce back from a poor performance quickly.



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[00:00] Introduction 

[01:20] Accept That You Will Have Poor Performances

[04:15] Managing Emotions After a Poor Performance 

[07:31] Stop Building Your Self-Worth on Past Performances

[10:34] The Problem with Only Focusing on the Negatives

[11:05] The First Step to Dealing with a Bad Performance 

[14:37] The Benefits of Reviewing All Your Performances 

[20:40] How to Make a Plan of Things You’d Like to Achieve

[24:03] Actions Items and What To Do

[27:00] A Bad Performance Doesn’t Make You a Bad Person

[29:59] Parting Thoughts 


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