How to Take An Opportunity

17th November 2023
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Josh Dobbs is one of the greatest stories in the NFL season right now.

If you haven’t seen, in their Week 9 game against the (Atlanta) Falcons, the Minnesota Vikings lost both their star quarterback to injury, and then replacement to concussion. Meaning Dobbs had to play.

He’d arrived to the team only the week before and he didn’t even know some of his teams names!

Dobbs was on his 3rd team of the season, having started the season by signing with Cleveland (Browns) then moved to Arizona (Cardinals) before being picked up by Minnesota.

He was on the bench against the Falcons with no idea that he was going to be needed in the game.

But he was needed.

And boy-oh-boy did he produce the goods. Helping them to a last-minute 31-28 win.

So much so that he was picked for the next game and helped them to another victory to continue their winning streak. Currently at 5 in a row as of today.

Dobbs, who also studied at as an aerospace engineer, and his incredible rise out of no where seems like a miracle, but he’s been in the NFL since 2017.

And while it’s easy to get caught up in how well he’s doing right now, it’s worth noting a couple of lessons that we can take from this wild story.

Always be ready

Even if you know you’re going to start on the bench, sport (as does life) has a funny way of throwing a curve ball.

You could get the call at any moment.

So have you been working to be ready for when you get an opportunity? Or have you been wallowing in self-pity, not preparing as you could, and ultimately unprepared when the moment presents itself to you?

You never know how close you are

It would be easy to give up when you don’t see people putting you first.

Yet, just like Dobbs, you never know when that life-changing moment could come.

For me, I had to wait for 7 years for an opportunity which led to turning pro and achieving my dream.

There were plenty of moments to turn around and give up.

But if you keep chipping away, hang in there long enough and don’t give up, it’s funny how something will present itself to you.

You just need to be there to take it.

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