How to Take Rejection Like a Champion

28th October 2023
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A hard truth to begin with: you’re going to get rejected.

Whether it’s in your personal life, your work, or your sport.

I’ve had a little more than normal recently and I’ve realised that while we may not be able to avoid the rejection, we get to choose how we respond to it.

And while it’s something that

If you’ve ever felt rejection, the natural emotions that you’ll feel are sadness, shame, anxiety, guilt, or jealousy.

You feel you’re not good enough or worthy enough.

Michael Jordan was turned down by his varsity basketball team; Tom Brady wasn’t the first pick and was rejected by many teams in the draft; and Brain Chesky of AirBnB publicised the rejections he faced at the beginning.

If all of these people had stopped at the first rejection.

The point is that when you’re looking to put yourself out there and do something with yourself, you open up the opportunity for rejection.


What to do when faced with rejection


Don’t take it personally


While it may seem like someone is rejecting you as a human being, they may not be in a position to accept you.

If it’s a relationship, they might not be in the best place to be with you.

If it’s work, they may not be in need of your type of services.

If it’s a sport, they may not be in need of your skills right now.

Recognise you’re not for everyone or everything.

Think about times that you potentially rejected someone else; chances are it wasn’t anything about the other person that was the issue.

It’s hard, but think from their perspective, think objectively, and it could help take the sting out of it.


Get feedback


Let’s say you’ve not been selected for a team or been told no at an interview.

Following up to get guidance on what you potentially need to get better at is

A real hard truth might be that you may need to change.


Make it a Catalyst for Change


Rejection could be the catalyst you needed.

Rejection makes us internalise and reflect on ourselves.

Being rejected may make you aware of a part of yourself that you weren’t paying attention to.

Which means you now have something to work on and becomes exciting at the opportunity that lies ahead for you.


Harness the energy


Take the energy you feel from a negative perspective and try to turn it around.

Whether it’s anger or something else, turn it into proving them wrong. If it’s an inadequacy you feel, be curious about how you can learn something new about yourself and try to reframe it.

Whatever the energy that you feel, harness it into something constructive and put it into what will help you become and be better.

Directing your energy into self-pity and isolation is not good.

You have a choice in how you respond.


One foot in front of the other


Rejection can sap our energy initially.

You don’t feel good enough or worthy enough.

So narrow your timeline, narrow your focus, and take the next step you can.

Put one foot in front of the other to begin with and get to work.

Rejection is difficult. Life is difficult.

Once we begin to accept it, we can start to turn rejection into appreciation.

An appreciation for the fact that it can guide you in the right direction.

Remember: Every rejection you face is one step closer to a yes.

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