A Powerful Exercise to Turn Negative Self Talk into Positive Self Talk

All athletes have an inner critic — that little voice that sounds a lot like a critical parent or friend who wants the best for you. However, the inner critic can often bring more harm than good, particularly when it’s more toward the negative side. If you’re someone who consistently makes mean comments to yourself, this episode is for you. Lewis goes through a powerful exercise that will help you turn your negative self-talk into positive self-talk. 

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[02:30] Introduction

[04:28] Understanding Instructional and Motivational Self-talk

[07:30] Self-talk to Improve Your Confidence

[11:40] The First Step in The Self-Talk Exercise

[14:20] Self-Talk Exercise Step 2

[15:40] You Are What You Feed Your Subconscious Mind

[18:10] Creating and Practicing Positive Mantras

[21:56] Closing Notes


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