#106 – James Kerr | Meaning of Team Culture

James Kerr is the author of the popular book “Legacy” which is all about his time spent learning off the New Zealand All Blacks, one of the most successful teams in history.

Lewis and James talk about what we can learn from teams across different kinds of sports: dealing with unique teammates, being a good leader, having character and talent, and the importance of love and deep human connection in every successful team.

Lewis and Jim discuss the importance of mental training and how to make a program for yourself. They also talk about Jim’s career as an alpine skier, the struggles he faced and what he did to overcome them.

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This episode at a glance

[03:11] Introducing James Kerr
[05:13] New Zealand Cricket Team
[10:57] Do Nice Guys Finish Last?
[15:51] Be a Maverick or a Dickhead
[24:27] Leadership and Values
[32:00] Character and Talent
[39:32] Love and its Different Forms
[45:04] Emotional Intelligence
[50:08] Landscape of Culture
[58:32] James’ New Book


Get a copy of James’ book “Legacy” here.