Jamie Peacock | Right Decisions vs Easy Decisions

Jamie Peacock is s the most successful player in Super League history, having won a total of 9 Super League championships, 4 Challenge Cup winners medals, 4 World Club Challenge winners medals across Bradford Bulls and Leed Rhinos.

In this jam-packed conversation, Lewis and Jamie talk about making the right decisions versus the easy ones, having your self-doubts, and using mantras to help move yourself to a place of action, how doing the hard work sets you up for the future and how meditation helps prepare yourself mentally.

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[03:35] Introduction

[06:23] Training and Dieting For the 100-Mile Run

[08:57] Jamie’s Journey to Discovering and Setting Personal Values

[12:45] People That Helped Jamie Develop His Personal Values

[15:59] Why It’s Okay to Disagree With People

[17:32] How to Create Actionable Tangible Values

[21:59] Leaders Set the Standard and Build The Culture

[24:26] The Fine Line Between Positive and Negative Ego

[28:39] How Young Athletes Can Lead Their Own Standards

[31:35] Jamie’s Love For Rugby

[32:44] How to Overcome Self Doubt

[38:01] The Benefits of Embracing Positive Self Talk

[41:45] Factors That Influenced Jamie’s Rugby Career

[46:01] Why You Need to Start Being Intentionally Uncomfortable

[48:31] Understanding Mental Toughness

[53:04] The Right Decision Versus the Easy Decision

[54:14] The Perfect Balance Between Mental Toughness and Resilience

[58:10] Embracing Positive Distractions Outside of Sports

[01:02:26] The Benefits of Meditation For Athletes

[01:02:40] Parting Thoughts



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