E142 | Kath Koschel | giving Radical Kindness

Kath Koschel is a former professional cricketer, yet after facing many adversities in her life started the huge non for profit, Kindness Factory. Kath talks about her journey through the world of cricket, having to quit due to injury, and the other adversities she had to go through. She sheds some light on how expressing kindness to oneself can overcome even the hardest obstacles in life.

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[02:52] Introduction to Kath Koschel 

[05:04] Getting Into Cricket 

[10:48] Kath’s Skill Set 

[13:42] Transitioning Out of Cricket 

[22:52] Personal Gains from Trauma 

[28:10] Becoming CEO Despite the Adversity 

[34:51] Being Unkind to Self

[42:15] Similar Ways to be Unkind to Self 

[54:09] Go-To Methods to Being Kind to Self 

[1:00:32] Kath’s Method of Showing Self Kindness


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