Leon Taylor | Having a foundation of wellness

Leon Taylor is a former Olympic diver, commentator, speaker, and wellness expert. We talk about his childhood, diving, competing in the Olympics, as well as dealing with judgments and expectations towards athletes, his work as a mentor for Tom Daley, and his thoughts and beliefs on the role of wellness in an athlete’s performance.

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[01:48] Introducing Leon Taylor and Diving Training

[10:03] Why Gymnastics and Diving

[13:41] Genetics and Physicality in Diving

[19:36] Embracing Help

[27:21] The Vulnerable “Bulletproof” Athlete

[30:03] Winning the Olympics After a 44-Year Drought

[34:35] Controlling Anxieties on Pressures and Expectations

[43:18] Bringing the Best Out of Each Other in a Team

[47:50] Talking About Vulnerability

[58:02] Leon’s Role of Mentoring

[01:13:47] Yoga’s Role in Leon’s Career

[01:31:03] Leon’s Book and Quote Recommendations


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