#154 – Maggie Murphy | Turning your Anger into Passion

Maggie Murphy is the CEO of pioneering football club Lewes FC, a 100% fan-owned football club and the world’s first to distribute revenue equally between its male and female teams. Maggie was elected to the FA Women’s Super League and Women’s Championship Board in July 2021. She previously held human rights roles at Amnesty International and was a senior global advocate at Transparency International, the world’s largest anti-corruption organization.

Lewis and Maggie discuss how equality drives sports forward, ways to bring your own personality into a sport, and how to channel your anger into something productive.


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[00:00] Introduction

[03:27] Being an Athlete Versus Being an Academic

[08:58] Transitioning from Human Rights to Anti-Corruption

[15:02] Maggie’s Mindset During Her Sporting Days

[18:38] External Factors Impacting an Athlete’s Success

[23:21] Bringing Your Own Personality into a Sport

[25:25] Lewes FC and What Makes it Special

[30:28] Why Maggie Agreed to Become CEO of Lewes FC

[36:13] Being Angry Is Okay – and Even Helpful

[40:45] How Journaling Can Help You Overcome Frustrations in Life

[44:20] What It’s Like Running a Professional Sports Club

[48:35] Advice to Sports Clubs Looking to Stand Out

[52:48] Maggie’s Goals for the Future

[56:13] Revolution is Not a One-Time Event

[57:22] Parting Thoughts


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