Making a Plan ‘Be’

15th December 2023
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As we move towards the new year, we’ll start thinking about the goals we want to set.

And with those goals come the ‘to do’ lists that we want to tick off.

Yet those lists can seem endless, or even a mountain so high that we don’t even know where to begin.

Over time, we find another task to procrastinate over, and we find ourselves missing the mark by not achieving what we set out to.

It leads us to a self-loathing of yet another missed opportunity at bettering ourselves.

But what if we’re missing something?

Something that could energise, motivate, and direct us toward accomplishing these tasks.

If our to-do lists are our ‘Plan A’, I propose a ‘Plan BE’.

A plan be is your to-be list.

Next to each part of your to-do list, write out how you need to ‘be’ to get it done.

Perhaps you need:

to be disciplined

to be organised

to be courageous

to be carefree

to be thoughtful

The goal is to note the energy that you’re going to need to bring to your task that will help you effectively get it done.

By putting it next to the ‘to do’, it will remind you and guide you to the persona you need to embody.

Sometimes it takes this proactive approach to changing our habits of getting things done that we know will serve us in the long run.

So as you write your to-do list, or plan A, be sure you know what your plan BE is.

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