#159 – Managing Anxiety for Performance

In today’s episode, Lewis discusses managing anxiety in performance. Expect to hear why anxiety isn’t necessarily a bad thing, the types of anxiety you can feel, the possible causes to your anxiety around performance, how you can manage anxiety mentally, physically and in the moment and much more.

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[00:00] Introduction

[02:29] Lewis Growing Up as an Anxious Kid

[08:00] The Difference Between State and Trait Anxiety

[09:54] Semantic and Cognitive Anxiety

[12:26] The Inverted U Theory

[15:53] The Main Causes of Anxiety

[20:35] How to Overcome the Fear of Judgement

[23:21] Past Failures and Preconceived Ideas

[26:02] Injury Anxiety is Real

[29:00] The Mental Part of Dealing with Anxiety

[33:30] Why You Need to Create a Pre-Game Routine

[36:13] Fear and How to Overcome it

[41:46] How Gratitude Helps Curb Anxiety

[45:56] Recognizing the Physical Symptoms of Anxiety

[48:02] Sleep: A Fundamental Part of Dealing with Anxiety

[51:40] How to Tackle Your Anxiety in the Moment

[53:12] The Benefits of Putting Yourself in Stressful Situations

[56:55] Parting Thoughts 


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