Marc Pugh is a former professional footballer having played in the Premier League at AFC Bournemouth and English League at Bury, Shrewsbury Town, Luton Town, Hereford United. He talks about football, life beyond sports, and his love for food through his Instagram handle, The Foodie Footballer.

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[02:58] Introducing Marc Pugh

[06:55] Navigating Change of Managers in Football

[09:08] Positive and Negative Self-Talk

[12:24] Big and Small Leagues in Football

[16:15] Playing in Front of Thousands of People

[21:50] Navigating the End of Career and Crystal Palace

[27:08] Life Beyond Sport

[30:30] Mental Health, Meditation, and Stress Management

[35:33] Food and Diet

[39:07] Effects of Good Diet

[44:00] What to Eat Before a Game

[50:27] Common Problems Among Youth Athletes in Nutrition

[54:58] Spoon-Fed by Tim Spector and Food as Fuel

[1:04:46] What Marc Does

[1:06:36] Hydration

[1:08:40] Marc’s Book and Podcast Recommendation


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