Mike Brown is an English professional rugby union player who plays fullback or wing for Leicester Tigers in Premiership Rugby. Brown joined the Harlequins senior team in 2005, having played youth rugby at Salisbury and Melksham, and began playing for the England first team two years later. During his career, Mike has won 3 Six Nations Championship titles with England and two Premiership Rugby titles with Harlequins.

In this episode, we dive deep into what it takes to achieve 19-year success in pro rugby. Expect to learn ways to develop great coach-athlete relationships, how to find and build your super strength, and the best way to respond to feedback as an athlete. 



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[00:00] Introduction

[03:37] The Sacrifices Athletes Make

[07:16] Coming Through the Youth Ranks

[09:29] Mike’s Journey to Pro Rugby

[15:26] Mike’s Mindset as a 15-Year-Old Amateur

[19:13] Do You Need to Outwork Everyone Else?

[24:20] The Power of Self-Improvement as an Athlete

[28:12] How Athletes Should Respond to Feedback

[31:20] Finding and Developing Your Super Strength 

[33:46] Mike’s Professional Debut

[39:01] What it Was Like Not Playing For England for 4 Years

[41:02] How to Develop Good Relationships with Your Coaches

[47:02] The Secret Source to 19 Years in Pro Rugby

[49:30] How Mike Mentally Prepared For Games

[52:15] Hobbies and Passions Outside Rugby

[55:43] How Mike is Preparing For Life Outside Sports

[59:17] The Benefits of Embracing the Beginners Mindset

[01:04:40] Positively Visualizing Your Future

[01:06:27] Mike’s Favorite Quote

[01:08:36] Parting Thoughts


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