#87 – Using Mindfulness on the field

Lewis discusses how to use mindfulness as a way to stay more focused, reduce anxiety, create more awareness. As well as an exercise you can do to build an understanding of where you get distracted and what you can control when out on the field and the pressure hits.

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This episode at a glance

  • The definition of mindfulness and how it differs from meditation. [2:05]
  • Applying mindfulness in sport. [3:28]
  • Mindfulness helps you get in the flow. [4:29]
  • Mindfulness allows you to perform better and enjoy your current experiences.  [7:50]
  • How to use mindfulness on the field. [8:30]
  • Why the breath is such a powerful tool. [10:32]
  • Notice your most common form of distraction. [12:18]
  • Focus on the things that you can control. [13:13]
  • Mindfulness allows you to be consistent. [16:15]
  • The more you practice mindfulness, the quicker the feedback loop becomes.  [17:45]

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