Mindset Coaching

Mindset coaching involves building and creating the character that you want to become and the outlining the process to get there. It’s about building the mental strength to manage the challenges ahead with fulfillment in the person that you’re becoming on the journey.

What we work on

Self Confidence

Sometimes we think we need performance- confidence, when we really need self-confidence. So lets reconnect with it.

Performance Anxiety

Manage pre-performance nerves and anxiety. by dealing with negative thoughts, emotions and overthinking.

Focus & Attention

Learn to harness your focus and attention onto what is important without being stuck in distraction.

Learn from mistakes

Reframing mistakes to turn your adversities into opportunities.


Strive for excellence without being held back by fear of failure, self-doubt and everything having to be perfect.

Performance Routines

Build your process for performance that helps you execute under pressure.

Goal Setting

Aim for your goals through setting out the steps that you want to take to get there.


Training & Performance Plans

Be clear in your thinking for both training and performance with plans that highlight your processes, aims and outcomes.

Emotional Control

Keep a calmer head that allows you to make better decisions both on and off the field.


Tara Norris

Professional Cricketer

Initially, I was reserved about opening up but I found Lewis a great sounding board and someone who believed in me. I was regularly supported and felt heard. 

Gabriel Goss

Professional Rugby

Working with Lewis has really helped me gain a true understanding of who I am, what it means to be an athlete, what is in my control and the confidence to achieve what I’m capable of.

James Bracey

Professional Cricketer

Since working with Lewis it has transformed my thinking and approach to cricket.


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The App

Your Mental Gym

A mental training app that uses meditation and performance psychology to build a stronger mind both on and off the field.

“Lewis Hatchett achieved one of the most gloriously defiant careers in the history of county cricket” – ESPN CricInfo

Meet Lewis

As a former professional athlete, now a mindset coach. Lewis helps athletes and organisations turn their mindset into their greatest strength.

His journey wasn’t an easy one. He wasn’t the most talented.

But he was able to make it to the top of his sport, against the odds, and he put it down to one thing – mindset.

His life experience, education, and relationship with today’s athletes make him uniquely qualified to give insight to athletes, coaches, teachers, parents, and sport directors on how to strengthen the mindset the athletes of today and tomorrow.