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Your mind is like a muscle.

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Meet Lewis

Lewis Hatchett, founder of Sport Yogi, athlete mindset and mindfulness coach, former professional cricketer and working on his MSc Performance Psychology.Β 

Having overcome through his unique journey to elite sport, Lewis now works on helping athletes and high performers in becoming good humans first and great athletes (professionals) second.

Helping top-athletes, musicians and CEO’s, find their authenticity, manage anxieties, and develop a mindset that combines confidence with wellbeing and performance with happiness.


As a musician, working with Lewis was eye-opening. His wholesome approach to coaching is something that not only applies to athletes and aspiring athletes, but any high-achiever in any field in need of guidance. No matter what your profession, the main battle is within your own mind. Lewis’ unique life experiences are reflected in the knowledge, wisdom, understanding, passion, and dedication that he brings into his sessions. He strikes the perfect balance between emphasizing positivity while maintaining accountability so that you can learn to become the strongest, best version of yourself.

Professional Violinist

Working with Lewis has transformed my thinking and approach to cricket. Things like the separation between my self-worth and performance, using breathing to aid my preparation and my mid-game and post-game routines and most of all the value of being mindful and present when it comes to sporting performance. It’s been brilliant so far and will be 100% something I continue to develop with Lewis.

James Bracey
Gloucestershire CCC, England

Working with Lewis has been game-changing. It’s given me focus, drive and confidence in my ability and now I’m seeing opportunities that I dreamed of. It all wouldn’t have been possible without him.

Callie Wilson
SACA Womens U19

Working with Lewis has really helped me gain a true understanding of who I am, what it means to be an athlete, what is in my control and the confidence to achieve what I’m capable of.

Gabe Goss
Bath Rugby

We work across 3 distinct mindsets:





What’s Included

πŸ’ͺ Find your confident self

πŸ’™ Create positive self talk

πŸ’Ž Find opportunities in obstacles

😌 Control emotions to think clearly

πŸ“ Build habits and strategies for performance.

πŸ”Ž Learn to focus on what matters

βž• Create positive mantras

πŸ˜– Tackle your anxieties head on

πŸ•Ή Control your controllables

⁉️ Manage your expectations

βœ… Beat perfoectionism by embracing your imperfections

🎯 Set and work towards your goals

Who is it for

Who is it for


Work together to bring out the most of yourself in your sport, business, art.Β 


Workshops for groups and teams that help build cohesion and connection through learning about yourself and others.


Learning about you and your performance and be able to impact your students positively.



Sessions delivered by online video call.

Become confident in who you are and feel unafraid to fall by learning skills to get back up.



Mindstrong Athlete Journal

Over 30 guided exercises to build the mindset that develops confidence, resilience and mindfulness.

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