What is a MindStrong Athlete?

Whether you’re in sport, business, school or simply a  teenager, being a MindStrong Athlete is someone that puts WHO they are over WHAT they do.

They understand that to be courageous requires blending vulnerability with strength.

They want to live to their values, be authentic, be resilient, gain perspective, and reducing the stress, fatigue and anxiety that life brings in pursuit of success by removing perfectionism and being in control of their goals.

By reminding themselves of simple questions and exercises they view their mindset and mental health like a muscle that gets stronger and stronger with every repetition.

What do you get from Me?

Personalised coaching programme with me (Lewis)

– Weekly check-in’s (via WhatsApp)

– Exclusive access to the Mindstrong Community

– Free access to the MindStrong Course 

Ongoing mindset support

Access to exclusive discount on coaching and more.

– Someone invested in helping you get better, grow in your life and sport.

– Being held accountable to dedicating to maintaining your mindset, mental health and perspective.

Does it cost anything?

As a part of this agreement. The heavily reduced cost of coaching provides

A small time commitment on your part for calls and coaching.

All that we ask in return for this opportunity is to help grow the MindStrong message and community.

Because I’m not charging for my time through my normal pricing costs.

What I ask for in return:

1. One organic post per month on social (see below for examples)

2. Regular interaction and sharing on social media (like, share, comment, post to your story)

3. Availability for potential podcasts and interviews within the community.

4. Any intro’s to athletes, coaches, organisations.

Social post examples

So to do a little bit of the leg work for you, an organic posts could look like:

An image/video of you with a caption about our work.

Examples of captions:

  • Something about what you/we have been working on for the month
  • Where your mindset is at
  • A quote that you’re focusing on
  • Something that’s resonated with you in our work

It doesn’t need to be a huge post.

This just massively helps grow my work and what I’m doing.

Can I earn anything?


Every athlete will be provided with a affiliate code where by we offer 50% on each purchase of the MindStrong Course.

Each sale via your code you’ll receive around £75

This not only subsidises the work to keep the lights on, but allows being able to help you inspire your followers to follow in your footsteps and prioritise their own mindset and mental health.


If you’ve got my number. Message me.

If not drop me an email.

Mindstrong Athletes

Human First. Athlete Second.

James Bracey

England, Gloucestershire CCC

Nicole Silveira

Brazil Skeleton

Gabriel Hamer Webb

Bath Rugby

Ellie Threlkeld

Lancashire, Manchester Originals

Georgia Elwiss

England, Southern Vipers, Birmingham Pheonix

Tara Norris

Lancashire, Manchester Originals