Make your mind your secret weapon.

Who is it for?

Whether you’re in sport, business or school, being a MindStrong Athlete is someone that puts WHO they are over WHAT they do.

They understand that to be courageous requires blending vulnerability with strength.

They want to live to their values, be authentic, be resilient and gain perspective.

They work to reduce the stress, fatigue and anxiety that life brings in pursuit of success.

They do this by removing perfectionism and being in control of their goals.

By reminding themselves of simple questions and exercises they view their mindset and mental health like a muscle that gets stronger and stronger with every repetition.

Ultimately, they believe in putting the Human First, Athlete Second.

Work with Lewis to improve areas around your mental game including: Confidence, Performance Anxiety, Emotional control, Goal Setting, Managing Expectations, Performing under pressure, Routines, Mental Toughness.


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Mindstrong Athletes

Human First. Athlete Second.