Welcome to stronger mental health, wellbeing and performance through your new mindset.

What is it

Confidence to be yourself.

Resilience to be unafraid to fall.

Mindfulness to get back up.

Lewis Hatchett, founder of Sport Yogi, mindset and wellbeing coach, former professional cricketer and working on his MSc Performance Psychology.

Having overcome through his unique journey to elite sport, Lewis now works on helping athletes and high performers in becoming good humans first and great athletes (professionals) second.

Helping top-athletes, musicians and CEO’s, find their authenticity, manage anxieties, and develop a mindset that combines confidence with wellbeing and performance with happiness.


decrease in anxiety


increase in self-pride


increase in self-esteem

Findings from the MindStrong & PIP Charity 6 week program

We’re getting caught up in the negative stories

we’re telling ourselves, about ourselves.

3 mindsets

3 mindsets

The MindStrong course looks at developing 3 key mindsets which we believe are key to not only success but fulfillment.


Finding your most authentic version of yourself, unconditional self-worth and new perspective.


Learning the skillls to overcome some of your toughest moments and darkest times.


Building awareness of the mind so that you can drown out distractions and focus on bringing out your strengths when you need them most.


What’s Included

The Mindstrong Program delivers a strong understanding of who you are at your best, the human being behind the persona. Then providing an understanding of what you look like when performing and living out your goals. Mapping out what it’s going to look like in the world and practices that allow you to manifest mindfulness in the moment that slow down emotions taking control and responding to situation rather then reacting, especially when under pressure or stress.

Part one

Who am i at my best?

Find the authentic version of yourself, recognise your past successes, reframe your negative self-talk with positive mantra-based self-talk and establish the strengths that make you who you are.

Feel confident in the human being that you are and what you bring to the world.

Part two

Who do I want to be?

Create your personal values, find strengths in past successes, write down your big dreams, limiting beliefs, know where your distractions or setbacks may come from and build personal mantras for performance confidence.

part three

How do I show up?

Mapping out the journey that you want to go on. Knowing your why, your purpose and your legacy, along with what makes you unique. Set your goals & habits that can aid you towards your aspirations, both personally and professionally.

The Practices

Learn to respond, not react.

Overcome the stresses and anxiety that block your ability to bring it out your strengths.

The practices are mindfulness-based skills that allow you to gain control of your physical and mental reactions in the moment. From breathing techniques, meditation and yoga-based relaxation to gain control of our nervous systems.

Become confident in who you are and feel unafraid to fall by learning skills to get back up.

Get started 👇🏼

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Whether you’re a coach, leader or executive, good leadership comes when being able to lead from a place of knowing yourself.


Sport or business. Part of a team? Bring a fresh new perspective to your players/employees.



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