Mindset through mindfulness

The Mindstrong course helps you discover you authentic confidence by being unafraid to fall because you have the skills to get back up.

The Mindstrong program helps you discover the mindset you want through the awareness, growth and strengthening of who you are as a human being first, athlete second and the journey you want to go on.

The Process

Part one

Human First 

Reconnect with your authentic self

Reframe negative experiences

Recognise achievements so far

Cultivate gratitude

Become your biggest fan

Change limiting beliefs

Understand your strengths

Part two

Athlete Second

Build your values

Realise your dreams

How you want to be seen

Your motivations

Your distractions

Understanding what you can control

Establishing mantras

Part three

The Journey

Discover your why

Embrace your unique qualities

Find your gamechanger goals

Highlight possible obstacles

Using social media for good

Form habits

Shift perspective

The Journal

Bringing the mindset course into journal form. Go through the cathartic process of writing down your answers to the exercises and discovering the authentic version of you.

Only 100 journals are available. Get notified when they do!

The Course

Bring the Mindstrong program to your group through a 6-week program that works through the Journal with you along the way, providing a more interactive experience in the search for you answers

The Keynote

Want to hear more about the origins and purpose behind Mindstrong? Try the 1-hour keynote that Lewis delivers alongside introductions to the program that leaves you feeling purpose-led, confident and authentic in yourself.