A mindset course for Confidence, Resilience & Perspective.

Being able to do it in my own time and space has been amazing.

– Jacqui

Hey! – I’m Lewis 👋

Mindset CoachPodcaster, Ex-Pro Cricketer, Founder of Sport Yogi and Performance Psychology Student.

I spent most of my life working on developing a mindset that allowed me to over come obstacles and achieve my childhood dream. Then in 2016, I lost it that dream and had to ask myself one of the biggest questions of all – Who Am I?

Now I help top-athletes, musicians and CEO’s, find their authenticity, manage anxieties, and develop a mindset that combines confidence with wellbeing and performance with happiness.

“Confidence to be yourself.

Resilience to be unafraid to fall.

Perspective to find a way.”

The quality of our lives is
determined by the quality of our questions.

3 mindsets & 1 Game Plan

Life is difficult.

We each have a voice that tell us that we can’t, we shouldn’t, we’ll never. This voice that gets in the way of our true self, our dreams, our aspirations.

But here’s where we fundamentally challenge that narrative.

The MindStrong course helps simplify the process of getting back to being yourself, taking on challenges head on and having a whole new outlook, armed with a plan to grow.

How it works.

The Mindstrong course asks simple but challenging questions, however you’ll learn everything you want about yourself and more.

Part one

Confidence Mindset

Here we start to create and understanding of what the REAL you looks like. Overcoming the perfection myths and  internal stories that get in the way of truly becoming who you want to be.

Exercises in this chapter include:

➕ Build Inner Confidence

😊 Discover your Self Belief

💭 Find your Authentic Self

🤪 Accept your Imperfections

💪 Acknowledge your Strengths

Part two

Resilience Mindset

This chapter develops our resilience mindset, where we embrace life’s challenges to progress. We must discover the skills and inner strength to get back up if and when we fall.

Exercises in this chapter include:

🙊 Reframe Negative Self-Talk

🕹 Control your Controllables

🙌🏼 Discover your Motivations

🛠 Overcome Setbacks

✨ Live your Values

Part three

Perspective Mindset

Here, we learn how to look at life from a different point of view. And how we can change the way we look at life, make someone else’s day better, and find something bigger than ourselves.

Exercises in this chapter include:

❓ Find your Why

🌱 Grow your Purpose

⛅️ Change your Perspective

🚀 Find your Biggest Dreams

✨ Uncover your Uniqueness

Part four

The Game Plan

With your new perspective, a plan to achieve your ambitions, live authentically, playfully and passionately. We’ll uncover strategies that will help you grow.

❤️ Create Healthy (MindStrong) Habits

⚙️ Create your Operating System

🫱🏼‍🫲🏻 Find your Support

🎯 Action your Goals

Other ways I can help you 👇🏼

Begin with a Journal, enquire about bringing mindstrong into your organisation or get personal coaching.



An intro to the MindStrong Mindset course to you through a stand alone masterclass or series.


At Work

Mindstrong for Business allows leader or employees to work on a strong mindset to help bring purpose, identity and confidence to work.


Personal Coaching

I do offer a more bespoke 1-2-1 coaching service for those in sport and business that would like to go through the program. Limited availability

Actionable advice & ideas to help you find your direction in life.