Make your mind your greatest strength.

An online academy that helps you undercover your confidence, resilience, perspective, and much more.

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Develop the human first, athlete second.

The MindStrong Academy provides the opportunity to focus on developing the person before the performer, finding confidence, resilience and perspective along the way.

What’s inside?

The MindStrong Course

3 Mindsets & 1 Game Plan

The MindStrong course helps simplify the process of getting back to being yourself, taking on challenges head on and having a whole new outlook, armed with a plan to grow.

How the course works.

The Mindstrong course asks simple but challenging questions, however you’ll learn everything you want about yourself and more.

Part one

Confidence Mindset

  1. Your Younger Self (3 min)
  2. Your Journey So Far (4 min)
  3. You, At Your Best (2 min)
  4. Inner Critic vs Inner Fan (3 min)
  5. Accepting Imperfections (3 min)
  6. Human Being vs Human Doing (4 min)

Part two

Resilience Mindset

  1. Advice to Your Younger Self (1 min)
  2. Reframing Negative Experiences (4 min)
  3. Your Values (2 min)
  4. Your Value Behaviours (1 min)
  5. Extrinsic Motivations (2 min)
  6. Intrinsic Motivations (2 min)
  7. Controllables (2 min)
  8. MindStrong Mantra (4 min)

Part three

Perspective Mindset

  1. Your Big Dreams (3 min)
  2. What Makes You Unique (1 min)
  3. Shifting Perspective (2 min)
  4. Your Purpose (2 min)

Part four

The Game Plan

  1. My Game Changing Goals (2 min)
  2. Removing Unhealthy Habits (1 min)
  3. Your MindStrong Habits (2 min)
  4. Your Operating System (2 min)
  5. Your Team (2 min)
  6. Become MindStrong (1 min)

Mental Health is a state.

Mental Strength is a choice.

9 Masterclasses & counting

A 30-45 minute masterclass each month themed to a specific topic on mindset.

As a member of the academy you gain access to all recording of these masterclasses to work on in your own time.

Inspiring Library

Recommended films, documentaires, podcasts, books and more that inspire, motivate and help you grow.

Meet Lewis

As a former professional athlete, now a mindset coach. Lewis helps athletes and organisations turn their mindset into their greatest strength.

His journey wasn’t an easy one. He wasn’t the most talented.

But he was able to make it to the top of his sport, against the odds, and he put it down to one thing – mindset.

His life experience, education, and relationship with today’s athletes make him uniquely qualified to give insight to athletes, coaches, teachers, parents, and sport directors on how to strengthen the mindset the athletes of today and tomorrow.

“Your mndset can be your greatest strength.”

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