#153 – Nicole Silveira | Adapting to Change and Sport/Life Balance

Nicole Silveira is a Brazilian skeleton skater and former bobsledder. She made her Skeleton World Cup debut in 2018 and has been competing ever since, placing 22nd in the 2020-2021 season. She also represented Brazil at the 2022 Winter Olympics.

Lewis and Nicole talk about what skeleton skating is, her transition from bobsledding, her career as a nurse, and what she plans on doing next.


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[03:07] Nicole’s journey

[06:32] Transition from bobsled skeleton skating

[10:57] The crash

[12:06] Stages of skeleton skating

[15:38] Unfavourable conditions and the ability to adapt

[23:38] Competing against her partner, Kim

[30:32] Sports fanbase in Brazil

[36:47] The thrill of skeleton skating

[39:21] Nicole’s passion for nursing

[47:18] Learnings from skeleton skating to nursing

[48:41] Nicole’s family

[50:31] Nutrition in skeleton skating

[56:10] Body building VS skeleton skating

[58:54] Pushing your body to the limit

[1:02:38] Parting words


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