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    About Lewis 👋

    Mindset coach, former-pro cricketer, Sport Yogi founder, MSc Performance Psychology student.

    Having overcome a rare condition to make it in elite sport, I work with elite athletes and orgaisations to develop a mindset that blends both strength with vulnerability.

    Focusing on the Human First.

    My unique approach to performance starts with the human being, mental health through understanding that it’s more than the habits, hacks and tips usually spoken about.

    I believe it comes from something deeper, by asking seminal questions, overcoming the myth of perfectionism and controlling what you can control to find a confidence in yourself, resilience to face challenge, and a sense of perspective.

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    One place for mindset & mental health

    The MindStrong Community provides a place for continuous learning and inspiration to develop you and your team.

    What’s included…

    💻  A Life Changing Course

    The MindStrong Course acts as the foundation for the community, with 25 exercises in 4 chapters to help you find confidence, resilience and perspective in your life.


    💻 Monthly Masterclasses

    Access a Mindset Masterclass every month with themes ranging across the mindset and mental health world.

    👍 Read | Watch | Listen

    Recommended films, documentaires, podcasts, books and more that inspire, motivate and help you grow.

    🎙️ Live Podcasts/Q&A’s

    Looking for interesting speakers? We’ve got that covered. As a member of the community you’ll get exclusive access to live podcasts with the opportunity for Q&A’s that are accessible through the community.

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      The Benefits


      Find true confidence in performance from a strong foundation of self-confidence.


      Reducing the fear of failure with a mindset get back up when you fall.

      Gain Perspective

      Having perspective in work and life that allows you to not go so low in the tough times and humble in the good.

      Success with Fulfilment

      Use methods from sport and high performance to have clear direction, goals and skills to achieve success.

      Retain your people

      By investing in making a happier, more fulfilled team lead to retaining your people.

      Additional Options

      In-house coaching

      £1500 per day

      (max 8 people per day)

      • Bespoke 1:1 coaching
      • Fully bespoke individual goal setting plans
      • Individual growth tasks & plan
      • Psychological skills training

      One off Masterclasses


      Choose from:

      • Confidence Mindset
      • Resilience Mindset
      • Perspective Mindset
      • The Game Plan
      • 4 part series

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