Your in-house Mindset Coach.

Purpose: To encourage your team members to grow.

The Problem

The pandemic has made us question life more than ever, and the workplace has felt this too. More and more employees are battling with mental health.

My belief is that we’re losing a sense of who we are, what we want and where we fit in.

But I believe our mental health is generally in a good place when we are confident in who we are, have resilience to manage challenges and are mindful of managing stress along the way.

Do you have…?

😟 Concerns over mistakes

🤔 Doubts about action

😞 Lack of self belief/confidence

😕 Low Drive & Purpose

😖 Unable to handle pressure

😒 High in self doubt

🫣 Feeling like an imposter

😶 Lack of ownership and accountability

We’re getting caught up in the negative stories

we’re telling ourselves, about ourselves.

The Course

3 mindsets and 1 Game Plan.

Hey – I’m Lewis 👋

Mindset coach, former-pro cricketer, Sport Yogi founder, MSc Performance Psychology student.

My road to elite sport has lead me to inspire athletes and organisations to become good humans and great professionals.

Working with top-athletes, musicians, CEOs, and teams to uncover their authenticity, conquer perfectionism, control anxiety, and establish a mentality that take a whole new look at life.


1. Confidence

Uncovering the REAL you. Overcoming perfection myths and narratives to become who you want to be.


2. Resilience

Take on some of your toughest moments and darkest times with skills to get back up.


3. Perspective

See life differently. How we can make someone’s day by doing something larger than ourselves.


4. Game Plan

Bring everything together to plan ahead and support your new mindset going forward.

How it works

🏁 Kick off session

Identify individuals who are wishing to sign up for coaching within the organsiation.

🗓 Monthly coaching

Monthly meeting where I come in to work with individuals, either on a personal or group basis.

🔁 Review & Feedback

Debrief and feedback on the team or individuals experience and discussion of next steps of support.

For the business…

🤗 Staff retention

💎 Create employee value

😁 Employee happiness and purpose

➕ Increased contribution

✨ Become a stand out company

🙌 Improve collaboration and communication

Through coaching the individual to…

😌 Feel confident in what you do

👌 A positive mindset

💪 Overcome fear of failure and mistakes

💯 Beat perfectionism by accepting your imperfections

🌤 Embrace a new perspective

🏠 Discover and live your values

✨ Turn challenges into opportunities

and more!

Get started 👇

Choose where you’d like to begin


Online course

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An online course to strengthen the mindset of your business.




The MindStrong Course through in person or online seminars.


In-house coach

Limited Availability

Bring me in as your in-house mindset coach to work with your team, offering the most bespoke service.

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