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The MindStrong Program

The MindStrong Course and Academy is a human first approach to tackle employee engagement, develop leaders, reduce performance anxiety, increase motivation, confidence and build perspective.

Available for teams of all sizes, create a place for continuous learning and inspiration to develop your people.


What’s included…

A Life Changing Course

The MindStrong Course acts as the foundation for the community, with 25 exercises in 4 chapters to help you find confidence, resilience and perspective in your life.


Monthly Masterclasses

Access a Mindset Masterclass every month with themes ranging across the mindset and mental health world.

Inspiring Library

Recommended films, documentaires, podcasts, books and more that inspire, motivate and help you grow.

How it works

If you decide to sign up to the MindStrong Program for your team you’ll follow the next few steps.

Step One

Kick off Keynote

A kick off keynote with Lewis introducing himself, his background and story along with outlining the course and beginning the first Chapter in Confidence Mindset.

Step Two

Confidence Check In

The first check in for the course, we go through what was found in the first chapter confidence mindset and how it can come to life as a group.

Step Three

Resilience Check In

The second check in for the course, we break into group to discuss the resilience mindset from both an indidivual and group setting.

Step Four

Perspective Mindset

The fourth in person check-in which involves taking the team through the perspective mindset, addtional exercises and thoughts.

Step Five

Feedback Review

The final session, online, where we go over the final check in on The Game Plan and steps moving forward.

Go one step further

Additional options alongside or after the set up of the program include personal mindset coachinig or bespoke masterclasses for your team to work on current issues.

Option One

In-house Mindset Coach

Limited availability

Bring Lewis into your organisation for the day for mindset coaching with individuals or groups.

Option Two

Bespoke Masterclasses

Bring Lewis in for a bespoke Masterclasses to specific needs of your group.

Working through topics based around mindset, culture and wellbeing within the organisation.

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